No driver for mp3 player

  bargain booth 18:42 28 May 2005

I have a Monolith MX-7010 mp3 player (which is definately functioning properly). Since reinstalling windows xp home with restore cd's my computer can no longer find drivers on pc or net although when connected it is listed as Monolith 2 in the device manager with a yellow question mark next to it. Normally the player would be immediately recognised as a usb mass storage device ( and still is on other computer ). Any ideas where I might find a driver for this? Have tried myself but failed (again). Thanks for reading.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:54 28 May 2005

Click on device what is error message?

try uninstalling, then Action scan for new hardware.

  bargain booth 19:00 28 May 2005

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\, error 28 I think have tried your suggestion already but no joy.

  bargain booth 19:32 28 May 2005

Additional info. Have also downloaded on eMachines recommendation Intel 845 chipset update INF (INFINST.EXE) But this hasn't helped. What generic drivers does windows XP use for these devices and can you download generic drivers (or check them) from anywhere?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:57 28 May 2005

The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28).

To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver

Solution button: Reinstall Driver

This code means the device was not installed completely.

To resolve this issue, follow the recommended solution. If that does not work, try removing the device from Device Manager and using the Add New Hardware wizard to redetect it. You may need to obtain updated drivers if the error still occurs.

Try uninstalling the USB ports then again scan for new hardware

  bargain booth 20:12 28 May 2005

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\,still cannot detect driver. Where can I get updated driver?
How do I uninstall USB ports? This sounds drastic. How do I get them back?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:12 28 May 2005

control panel, system, hardware, device manager,

click on the + by the side of USB controllers to expand. Select each one individually right click select uninstall. Do them all.

Then on the action menu at the top of the page select scan for hardware changes (or reboot the PC) XpP will detect the ports and anything connected to them and automatically reinstll the drivers.

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