No display on XP computer after startup screen

  coolteentom 00:46 06 Jan 2007


A friend of mine recently took out a graphics card of his eMachines PC, as he wanted to revert back to using his integrated graphics card. However, after doing this, he found that after the XP startup has finished, the screen goes blank, although he can still hear the computer loading up, with all the startup sounds etc!

He has tried putting the card back in, and putting the monitor through it, aswell as trying the integrated graphics, but nothing seems to be working beyond the startup stuff... and safe mode seems to hang at the point where it is loading all the startup files.

Does anyone have any ideas?


  robgf 01:40 06 Jan 2007

Before he removed the graphics card, did he uninstall the drivers? -- Control Panel -- System -- Hardware -- Device Manager.

He could try putting the card back in, restarting the computer and then as it starts to boot, repeatedly tap the F8 key (may be a different key on some comps). This will show you the Boot menu,
highlight "Last Known Good Configuration" and press Enter.

Rob. :)

  coolteentom 10:20 06 Jan 2007

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the reply! He didn't uninstall the drivers before he took it out, but we tried that option on the boot menu last night, and the screen still blanked out on us :'(

  coolteentom 14:23 06 Jan 2007


Just wondering if anyone has got any ideas, before he reformats the drive?

Any help much appreciated,


  Longhouse 14:51 06 Jan 2007

Check the BIOS for onboard graphics. You will probably find that they have been disabled to allow start-up from the replacement graphics card


  Longhouse 14:53 06 Jan 2007

Sould have also added that you will need to enter the BIOS, enable the on board graphics option before you remove the separate graphics card & drivers, otherwise you will have no display to work from

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