No Display on Start-up

  FuriousD 11:40 15 May 2008

I was hoping someone could help with this problem. I've tried searching the forums, and while people have similar problems, with possible causes ranging from monitor to motherboard issues, I'm not sure if mine's unique.

I have an Evesham PC, about 5 years old now, running XP on an ASUS montherboard. A while ago, it crashed for no particular reason and wouldn't respond to Ctrl-Alt-Del, so I resorted to powering down by holding the power button in for 8 secs. Now when I boot-up, my monitor (which is an old-school CRT model) stays in standby mode. I removed the cable to see if there was a problem with this, but the monitor came on and displayed a "signal cable not detected" message, which has led me to believe that the problem is internal. Also, I have noticed when turning the PC on, instead of the normal one regular beep, there is one long beep, followed by 3 short beeps. Could this be an indication that there is something wrong? My graphics card is an Intel chipset, although I'm afraid I can't recall the product number.

Unfortunately, with Evesham entering liquidation and my warrenty having expired some time ago, they are refusing to offer advice! I know there are probably a few things to check that I haven't yet done, including opening the machine up (I'm a bit nervous as I haven't done it before!), so grateful for a checklist.


The D

  Ditch999 11:43 15 May 2008

Sounds like your graphics chipset is knackered. If you have an AGP or PCIe slot you could put in a suitable card.

  Ditch999 11:44 15 May 2008

The 1 long and 3 short beeps says it a video problem.

  Diemmess 11:50 15 May 2008

Error codes mean different things depending on which BIOS chip you have. click here
If you don't remember which you have, take a look at the BIOS chip and identify it first (Ami Phoenix Award)

The one long and three short beeps is quite different between these chips!

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