No display - SiS655FX Chip fan not working

  penholder 21:02 22 Nov 2010

PC has been freezing intermittently. Computer froze so turned it off. Now when I boot there is no VDU display nor beeps from the motherboard. Using Gigabyte GA-8S655FX Ultra m/bd.
Fan on SiS655FX chip is not working. Taken it off and tested ok. Have changed PU; same problem. What switches the SiS chip fan on. Is it a m/bd fault? Any ideas anyone?

  woodchip 21:25 22 Nov 2010

Graphics card needs a new one

  penholder 21:48 22 Nov 2010

Do you mean the AGP Grahics Card needs replacing?

  woodchip 13:36 23 Nov 2010


  woodchip 13:38 23 Nov 2010

ps is this where the fan is that is not working? do you have onboard graphics you could try

  woodchip 13:39 23 Nov 2010


  penholder 19:54 23 Nov 2010

The graphic card does not have a fan. The fan that does not work is on the SiS chip. This fan works when tested off the m/bd but not when connected. Therefore it's not getting the input voltage to switch it on. Have changed the graphics card but same problem. I thgink it's the m/bd

  woodchip 20:28 23 Nov 2010

Then it looks like the motherboard needs replacing; As the SIS chip drives all kinds of things on the motherboard

  penholder 20:01 30 Nov 2010

Thanks Woodchip. Logged problem with Gigabyte who have responded twice. Confirmed its a mobo problem. Can't find P4 mobos so building a new PC. Just waiting for parts to be delivered!

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