No display - not POSTing

  Tigger01 16:45 12 Jun 2006

Hi all,

I have just moved house and my PC which was working fine when i packed it into it's box doesn't work since I set it up in my new house. It powers up (power lights come on, fans spin etc) but there is no output to the monitor. I have tried two monitors (both working) with no success. I also noticed the absence of the single beep to say it has POSTed ok, but am not getting any other beep codes for errors. Also pressing the power button again with the PC on does not make it shut down however long I leave it, I have to hold the power button in to switch off without shutting down.

I am guessing that the PC may have been banged during the move, and either the graphics card or motherboard could be damaged. I have removed and reseated the graphics card and RAM, and checked all the cables to hard disks, DVD drives etc. and am currently trying to beg a PCI-E graphics card from a friend to test in my PC.

Is there anything else I have missed or could check before I start spending money? Is my assumption that the graphics card or mobo are at fault correct or could it be something else?

AMD S939 3200+
Gigabyte K8N ultra 9 mobo
2GB PC3200 Corsair value select ram
XFX Geforce 6800 GS (PCI-E)
Hitachi Deskstar 250GB hard disk
Seasonic 500w power supply
Zalman CNPS9500 cooler

  johndrew 18:55 12 Jun 2006

Have you checked for any damage to cables (over bending) or for bent pins?

I am presuming you only have one graphics card - if you have two did you connect to the correct one?

  Tigger01 11:56 13 Jun 2006

Hi Johndrew, thanks for your reply.

I have checked the cables, and tried 2 different monitors. I only have one graphics card but was able to borrow a brand new PCI slot graphics card last night, which unfortunately gave the same result, no output to the monitor at all. I have therefore ruled out my graphics card and the PCI-express slot on my motherboard. I then swapped in my old power supply, but again no change. I have unplugged both dvd drives, 2 hard disks and all the PCI cards, leaving just one hard disk with windows on it and a floppy drive connected. The PC still seems not to POST however as there is no beep after powering on.

I suspect that the weight of my zalman cooler has damaged either the CPU or motherboard during the move, although I was very carefull, but I don't have access to a spare one of either to swap out and test.

Can anyone suggest what I can do next? Anything I've missed, or do i give up and take it to the enemy (computer repair shop)?

  SANTOS7 12:05 13 Jun 2006

the problem could be in the PSU. Check the connections first, then look to the PSU. The problem may not be that it is broken. It may be that it is not supplying enough current on the 12v rail.

  Tigger01 12:21 13 Jun 2006

Sorry, I should have been more specific.

I swapped out my PSU and put in my old power supply rated at 400W (it's only a 20 pin, not 24, but has the 4 pin 12 volt supply that my mobo needs). The PC won't switch on at all with that one however, the fans spin for a second then stop again, so I put my seasonic power supply back in (rated at 500W and seasonic are supposed to be one of the best). The PC starts, (well, it spins fans and the like, I can't prove what else is working) but still doesn't beep, and won't shut down. How would I know if the 12V rail is suddenly underpowered? Can I test this without buying another PSU?

  johndrew 14:41 13 Jun 2006

When you moved, was the PC packed in its original box or did you rely on the movers?

The reason I ask is that if it was boxed and sustained a `drop` the box may show it if not then the case may be marked. If it was the `movers` who have caused it not to work you may be able to claim.

As for the fault, if it was a shock load that has affected the function, I think it is more likely to be the mobo that is damaged as the cpu is a fairly solid lump.

You could completely disconnect the PSU from the mobo and drives and check all outputs with a meter, it may provide a bit of confidence. You cald also check the HDDs by listening for spin up - any nasty noises as well.

Unfortunately without a VDU output you have little to go on for diagnosis but I am suspicious of impact damage to the mobo in the move. It is also a typical failure in TVs during a house move.

  chub_tor 17:15 13 Jun 2006

This link has some good advice on what to try for no beep on post click here

  woodchip 17:22 13 Jun 2006

One of two things PSU or Motherboard. In that order. But try that all cards and memory are pressed in there slots with the power OFF. That means not plug in the mains

  Tigger01 12:15 15 Jun 2006

I have now stripped and rebuilt the whole PC. I did find that the processor was slightly unseated, lifted a little along one edge, but when I removed it there was no evidence of bent pins or scorching to the CPU or socket. I then reinstalled it, attached the HSF with new arctic silver 5, and reassembled the rest thinking that I had solved the problem. Unfortunately, I am not gettting any further. I can now hear the hard drives spin up over the noise of the fans, which I now realise I couldn't before (I just thought the fans were too noisy to hear the hard disks). Despite this however, the other symptoms are still the same. I have no display, and still no POST or error beeps.

I am considering removing all but the essentials one more time, just to verify that nothing else is causing the problem, but I don't expect anything to change. Can anyone tell me what is the absolute minimum you can get away with? Does it need a hard disk to POST? Can you get away with just a mobo, processor, ram module and a graphics card?

Thanks again for all your help.

  SANTOS7 12:21 15 Jun 2006

No bios beeps suggest a mobo short it could be a fan
maybe CPU fan that is creating some sort of short might be worth trying diferent ones......

  Tigger01 12:29 15 Jun 2006

Oh, also, I felt the HSF after powering on the PC and it was already warm after 30 seconds so I know the processor is powered and doing something even if its only generating heat!

Johndrew, unfortunately I did the move myself in a hire van so I've got nobody else to blame. It was packaged in the box for the case though, with the polystyrene bits that hold it securely and I was very carefull, or so I thought. When I think of the abuse that I have put unboxed, unprotected PCs through in the past and got away with every time, I will think long and hard about keeping such a large heavy HSF now!

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