No Display & No Motherboard beeps ?

  Tinkey Winkey 09:26 05 Oct 2004

Whilst fitting a heatsink onto a new cpu last night,the screw driver 'slipped' and hit motherboard with a certain amount of force!

Oh dear !

On trying to boot up the fans come on and there's the usual LED alight on the motherboard but no display at all ,and no motherboard beeps ?

Have I killed my motherboard ?

  Tinkey Winkey 09:57 05 Oct 2004

If the mobo IS dead, can I still recover data from the hard drive by installing it as a slave on another pc ?

  Graham ® 09:57 05 Oct 2004

I would take the motherboard out and give it a close inspection with a magnifying glass. A hairline fracture on the printed circuit board is all it takes to kill it.

  Graham ® 09:57 05 Oct 2004


  Gongoozler 10:20 05 Oct 2004

It's very likely that the motherboard is damaged. If you can, then repair it as suggested by Graham ®. Otherwise if the processor is fairly modern, you may be surprised at how cheap a new motherboard can be.

  georgemac 11:17 05 Oct 2004

I am sure I killed a motherboard in much the same way, but by catching the solder joints beside the memory slot with the heatsink clip (memory slot too close to cpu slot anyway), have not had a good look at the board yet, just got another.

I was trying to do this with the motherboard in the case - in hindsight should have removed it

I bought this msi kt600 board off ebay - new oem - delivered for £22 - am well impressed with it.

Waiting on another msi kt400 new oem to arrive for £17.50 - same seller, great deals.

click here
click here
he sometimes has more boards up for auction

  Tinkey Winkey 20:44 05 Oct 2004

Many thanks for your replies.

Can anyone say for definate that no motherboard beeps means it's dead ?

Also I still need to get some stuff off of the HDDS !

Installing a new mobo will mean having to format them - so can I put the hdds on another PC as a slave to recover the data ?

  Graham ® 21:05 05 Oct 2004

No beeps means POST test was not initiated, so motherboard is suspect. Check that whilst inside you have not dislodged a connection.

Yes, you can put the HD in another machine to recover data.

  georgemac 21:13 05 Oct 2004

try disconnecting and reconnecting the atx power plug (with power off) only other thing to try is remove the cmos battery from the board, wait 5 minutes and refit it. Try again.

  Gongoozler 21:19 05 Oct 2004

Your hard drive will work in a new motherboard of the same model. It will probably work in another motherboard using the same chipset. There is a very good chance that it will work well enough to back up any data if the chipset is different but by the same manufacturer (e.g.VIA). It may even work well enough to recover the data with a completely different chipset. The chances of success steadily diminish as you get away from the original chipset, but may be no worse than error messages and possibly no CD drives working until you reformat and clean reinstall.

  phono 21:23 05 Oct 2004

BodgeItAndScarper, you don't always have to format your hard drives when installing a new mobo.

As long as you have all the drivers to hand you can just install the mobo and windows will ask for the drivers as the new hardware is found when you start the computer up, granted, it is not the ideal solution but I have done this myself on a few occasions to retrieve data.

If you buy exactly the same make/model of mobo you wont even have this problem.

BTW, if you have broken a trace on the mobo you could, as a last resort, try soldering it, or try rubbing the tip of a soft pencil over the break which can sometimes deposit enough graphite to "bridge" the gap and restore conductivity.

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