No Display on first Boot up

  leedsafc 18:13 08 Feb 2006

Just upgrading a PC, New MB PCchips K7 M484A old CPU AMD Duron 800MHz 512Mb ddr ram Nvidia 5200 fx. OS Win XP Pro. Problem is when i first switch on everything comes to life except the monitor although the standby light is on there is no one at home! I have to switch off and reboot and every thing bursts into life and runs normally. I have done the same upgrade before and using the same CPU and MB and i have submited this to the forum but although i have tried all suggestions the problem still remains. The question is why was i so stupid to use the same MB? Answer I wanted to see if the problem happens again and it does. No Help from PC chips tech, has anyone out there got any useful suggestions please!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:47 08 Feb 2006

your monitor is not being called out of standby by the grahics car / driver

Check monitor and PC power management settings

  leedsafc 19:32 08 Feb 2006

Thanks tried that still no response. But at first boot there is no Post beep. only when i reboot. does that make sense!

  Methedrine 19:41 08 Feb 2006

After changing a motherboard you must use a clean install of windows. If you don't you will have problems. You might gey away with a repair install, but to be on the safe side I would start from scratch. I replaced mine and my son's mobo last week. Fresh install of XP on both and no start up problems.

  Methedrine 19:42 08 Feb 2006

gey = get. Sorry. Edit button, please FE.

  leedsafc 20:02 08 Feb 2006

Thanks I had thought of that. The previous PC had Win 98se as the OS so it seems that a clean install is the favourite!

  leedsafc 17:20 10 Feb 2006

New development. Cleared CMOS. Installed a new HDD, formatted, powered up ok switched off and powered up normal. Changed basic settings in CMOS Date and first boot to cd/dvd drive nothing happened. switched on and same problem occurs ie no display at first power up. Any suggestions?

  holmlee 17:22 14 Feb 2006

I've built 2 pc's in the past twelve months and both display the same characteristics as leedsafc describes ie when first powering up no keyboard light flashes or signal to monitor to switch from standby to on, but fans work cd drives flash and hard disk makes usual starting up sounds. Its only when I power off and on again straight away that the computers post as normal. I've swapped most components out to no avail on each machine. Any clues to solve this frustrating problem gratefully received

  rmcqua 17:27 14 Feb 2006

Is it set to boot from the HDD first?

  leedsafc 19:41 15 Feb 2006

Hi Holmlee
I think i've solved the problem with my PC's.
I entered the Bios setup and went to advanced chipset settings the first setting showed CPU Frequency set at 200Mhz.(manual) The PC chips MB handbook suggests that i could modify this setting by changing it to auto but i did not have that option. The DRAM Frequency was set at 200Mhz, Auto Detect DRAM was enabled and the DRAM Frequency Ratio was set to 1:1. I simply disabled Auto Detect DRAM which enabled me to modify the CPU setting, I then went to the Ratio setting and altered it to 3:4 which gave a value of 133MHz DRAM Frequency. I exitedand saved the changes and the boot up procedure completed. I did this with both systems and they are both running and stable(touch wood). There maybe variations depending on wich bios your MB is running but i think th principle is the same just note down the original settings before saving any changes.

  leedsafc 19:52 15 Feb 2006

The first boot was set at Floppy but doesn't the bios keep searching for the OS once it is installed?

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