No Discs with new Laptop

  hawthorn59 05:30 04 Nov 2006

Hi. Just enjoying my new HP laptop. It came with MS Works installed but as i have an original copy of MS Works Suite 2005 I thought Id install that instead. I decided it would be better to uninstall MS Works ( it is, isnt it...?). But I noticed I dont have discs to any of the software installed on the Laptop. There is 12Gig space taken up with a recovery programme, on a different drive, it seems. I imagine all the programmes are in there.

But what if i wanted to install MS Works or any of the programmes on the pc some other time? I dont have the discs and may not want to reformat the entire HD.

I thought they had to supply original discs for all programmes, but I was told that that had changed. Does anyone know the position, and what should I do?



  Technotiger 07:16 04 Nov 2006

Hi, have a look at Hard Disk Loading -

click here

though I am not sure about the legalities of providing original software, I think you have the right to demand Original software for pre-installed items on a new computer.

No doubt others more knowledgable will soon say so.


  Andsome 07:30 04 Nov 2006

No way would I consider purchasing a computer without CD's for everything. I may have paid a little extra for my full installation XP CD, but it is worth every penny, and has been used several times. Go back and insist on all your CD's.

  golfpro 07:50 04 Nov 2006

If you bought your NEW laptop with pre-loaded software from one of the large Computer stores, then all you can expect is a recovery disc, in case of an operating problem at a later stage. The companies who supply the equipment have an agreement with Microsoft, and receive Corporate software program disc's, which can be loaded on several computers by the company. These disc's must not be sold to the general public, although some are, through various pirate sources.

  Graham. 08:01 04 Nov 2006

You would have got the option to make a recovery disc on first boot.

  jack 08:09 04 Nov 2006

This seems to be the case these days.
Gone are the great bundles of all sorts packaged with every machine.
The machine you buy is sold ready to go with the minimum necessary to get you started anything else you go buy as extras.
It is akin I guess to the frequent hoot about printers not being sold with a data cable.
It is done on the assumption that the device is a replacement machine and the data cable exists- why pack another- though the power cord because of the many variables of power connection,one is generally included to suit the local power requirements

  Technotiger 08:55 04 Nov 2006

There is nearly alway an exception - I think in this case the exception is with Dell computers. On behalf of a friend, I recently ordered a full Desktop system complete right down to webcam etc, it was delivered the following day, and came with all the software XP/Word etc fully installed and all the full original cd's in individual sealed containers. I set it up for him, and all I had to was was simply connect everything, and start-up ... no hiccups what-so-ever.

  ed-0 09:24 04 Nov 2006

In 2005 I ordered 3 HP laptops. All came with a OEM version of windows and a full driver and software recovery DVD.

I would get in touch with your supplier and ask were the recovery dvd's are. If you get no joy, then get in touch with HP. The numbers are in the bumf they include with the laptop.

If you still get no joy, then click here

  Rossi#1 09:48 04 Nov 2006

My Compaq didnt come with the CDs either but there is a utility called PC Help and Tools in All Programs which allows you to make a Recovery DVD and a Recovery Tools CD.As Compaq is HP Id assume youd have it too.

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