No disc inserted message

  Phiva 09:29 19 Apr 2003

I use an emachines 667 combo with cdrw.
I have always had problems with the adaptec programmes and have never managed to use the facility. Now I am getting a message telling me that no disc is inseted into my drive, even when there is, result being I cant run any discs in my machine at all. I was pleased to see PC Advisor offer DiscJuggler, so I can replace adaptec, but with this problem I cant load the disc, any advise greatly appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 11:44 19 Apr 2003

If the drive reads some discs but won't read others then try cleaning the drive and the discs as well. If the drive won't read anything then check the cabling and make sure the connections are ok. If neither if these have any affect then the drive is faulty and will need to be replaced.

  Totally-braindead 12:03 19 Apr 2003

In reply to your email, if the drive reads some cds but not others then the discs it won't read may be scratched or the drive might just need cleaned. A friend if mine had a problem with his emachine dvd drive, it would read cds ok but wouldn't read dvds at all. He had to get a new drive and was told by the engineer that dvd drives have extra lasers to read dvds. So if your drive will read cds but not dvds then it may just be the dvd lens that need cleaned. I haven't confirmed that this is true but this is what the engineer told him. Incidently he got a new dvd drive under warranty as the dvd part of the drive was knackered. If you have to get a replacement drive and can afford it I would get a seperate dvd drive and cdwriter. The main reason for this as far as I am concerned is if one drive becomes faulty you can still use the other until you can get a replacement, I don't like putting my eggs all in one basket.

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