No dialling tone

  Furthark 21:34 10 Feb 2005

Most evenings between five & eight pm I cannot connect to the net via broadband, I get the message ‘no dialling tone’
I can connect ok in the mornings and later in the evenings, but have problems around teatime, also there seems to be a lot of interference on the telephone.
I have tried changing the filters, USB connections even the Speedtouch 330 modem, but to no effect. Any help / suggestions would be appreciated

  stalion 21:35 10 Feb 2005

who are you with?

  Furthark 21:44 10 Feb 2005

stalion, I am with BT yahoo (it looks like I will be on 2mgs speed on the 17th at no extra cost( if I can get connected))

  stalion 21:49 10 Feb 2005

have you asked bt to check your phone line?

  Furthark 22:34 10 Feb 2005

Not yet but thinking about it my dial up used to be slow around the same time, I am out in the sticks so that may have something to do with it?

  SANTOS7 22:56 10 Feb 2005

Why do I get the error message 'No dial tone detected'?

The problem is that your modem is unable to detect the dial tone of your phone line and so cannot make a connection. There are several reasons why this may happen:

* The modem may not be properly connected to the telephone socket. Check that all leads are securely fastened into their sockets * The total REN (Ringer Equivalence Number) value of the devices on your phone line exceeds 4 (usually a phone or modem has a REN value of 1). The REN value can be found on the underside of your phone (eg, REN=1). If this is the case try removing all other devices and attempt to connect to the Internet again. If you can, plug each devise back in, one by one to see if you connection is impaired. * You may have a service such as BT Answer 1571 enabled. If you have any messages the dial tone will change from a continuous tone to a stuttered tone. This 'confuses' the modem and causes the error message. The solution is to retrieve all your messages before you connect to the Internet

You can force the modem to dial without a dial tone by doing the following:

* Click on Start, go to Settings then Control Panel and click on Modems to launch the Modem Properties dialog box (In some versions of Windows you need to click on Phone and Modem Properties. If no modems are installed in Windows, the Modem Setup Wizard will start up to take you through the installation process. Follow the on screen instructions) * Click on the Properties button * Click on the Connection tab, then click in the box next to Wait for dial tone before dialling so the tick disappears * Click on OK

  Furthark 23:10 10 Feb 2005

I only have One phone outlet
I have tried 4 different filters.
I have tried a second Speedtouch 330 modem,
I have tried a different USB outlet.
I have changed the modem / phone cable.
I have updated the Speedtouch driver.
But now I will try your excellent advice and un-tick the 'Wait for dial tone before dialling' box (fingers crossed)

  Furthark 23:14 10 Feb 2005

Oops no dialing tone box.

  Furthark 23:16 10 Feb 2005

The 'dial up box 'is only on the 56k modem

  Hairy Yeti 23:22 10 Feb 2005

It may be that you are "sharing" a phone line. BT should of checked this before selling you the package.

  SANTOS7 23:26 10 Feb 2005

Do you have any other devices shareing the socket such as sky,unplug any devices you have and connect direct to phone socket, have scanned around a few other forums and the error message points to a wireing problem rather than hardware

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