No dial tone under XP

  01186704 11:34 13 Mar 2006


I've recently bought a new PC - have tried to connect it via dial up but am reciving the no dial tone error code.

We initially thought the PC was faulty so took it back to the supplier - however they got the modem to dial out no problems.

I have check all the setting etc but to no avail.

No for the fun bits: The old PC worked fine on the same connection and still does. I have tried the new computer with both the old modem cable and the new one. still no joy.

I have also tried connecting my mums and a friends laptop both of these recieve the no dial tone error.

I have tried disabling the "wait for dial tone" option and the modem will dial but gets what sounds like an engaged tone. This happnes on every number that I dialled.

We have only one phone in the house , no extensions, i have tried pluggin the computer direct to the socket etc and stil no luck.

The only difference that i can find between the new computers (mine and 2 x laptops) is that they use Windows XP (the new one has media centre) and the old one that works fine is running on 98

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


  stlucia 13:01 13 Mar 2006

A long shot, but ...

Has your modem got two sockets in it -- one for the phone line in and one for a phone out (so you don't have to use a 2-way adapter in the phone socket)? If so, have you plugged the incoming phone line into the correct socket?

  Pineman100 13:12 13 Mar 2006

Could it be that you haven't installed the modem's device driver files in the new computer? Have you looked in Device Manager to see whether it reports the modem as working properly?

  johnnyrocker 13:17 13 Mar 2006

have you created a new dial up connection with the relevant isp details?


  01186704 13:48 13 Mar 2006

Thanks all,

Its an internal modem - but does have two ports - i've treid the cable in both to no avail.

I've tried uninstalling the modem and then reinstalling - still no difference.

I've created the dial up connection with all the correct details. - no joy.

The modem appears to work find - you can communicate with it etc doing the diagnostics check which works ok.

Device manager shows modem as working fine.

Thanks again

  johnnyrocker 13:50 13 Mar 2006

again i ask my question.


  01186704 13:52 13 Mar 2006

Sorry Johnny thought i'd answered.

Yes i've created a new dial up connection following the details provided by my isp and still it doesn't work.

The details are all exactly the same as the ones on the old computer which does work.



  johnnyrocker 14:02 13 Mar 2006

does the dial up box come up with password etc, also go into network connections in controll panel and double click it and post the error number, also is dial up set as default in internet options/connections?


  amonra 14:04 13 Mar 2006

It's got to be a wiring fault on the BT socket.
I know the old comp. worked OK but that could be misleading. Is this a genuine BT main outlet box or an extension ? I would have the BT box wiring checked by someone who is familiar with BT wiring, it's all too easy to put wires in the wrong terminal or cross two wires over. Keep us informed.

  01186704 14:09 13 Mar 2006

johnny - yes password and everything come up - just when u hit connect it won't find dial tone & thus won't dial if u disable wait for dial tone it dials but gets what sounds like engaged tone. and yes dial up is set as default connection

sorry i don't understand when u say post the error number if you mean tth eon that pops up when it gets the no dial tone i thinkits 680? (no dial tone detected)

if i contact BT would they be able to verify the wiring from there end via soem line test or would an engineer be required to come out? and is it possible for the old computer to have worked with faulty wiring?


  ed-0 14:14 13 Mar 2006

Control panel > phone and modem options > modems > highlight the modem and pick properties > diagnostic tab and then pick the query modem button.

Does this come back with success for the first line?

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