No Dial Tone On Modem

  special sophie 22:17 13 Feb 2003

Hi all
I've just built a PC for my sister everything was fine until yesterday when I went round to her house PC under my arm. I tried to connect her to her freeserve account manually using XP through internet option create connection everything was fine the modem dialled out but it wouldn't connect so I tried a couple more times but it keeps telling me I've put in the wrong user name and password which I actually had done. I had put in the wrong username but before I realized this I tried to use an old freeserve disc to connect it up but this disk did not support XP. Anyway I got an error message when I tried to load up the freeserve program I can’t remember what it was exactly. After this I tried to setup the connection manually again by this time I had realised that I had put in the wrong username so I was confident that it was going to work. But after I had setup the connection the modem would not dial out at all it just kept telling me there was a code 680 error and there was no dialling tone. So today I have formatted the hard drive tried 2 different modems one an amr one that came with the motherboard the other a v92 PCI one I have tried 2 different phone lines in 2 different houses and still the same results it will not dial out at all and keeps telling me there is no dialing tone. Can anyone help PLEASE. The m/board is an ECS K7SOM, XP 1800, and Dynamode V.92 Modem running windows XP

  special sophie 22:18 13 Feb 2003

Also all the drivers were installed properly and updated windows tells me the modem is working fine

  DieSse 22:27 13 Feb 2003

Probably the modem is faulty. Windows doesn't actually tell you the modem is working fine 8(whatever it says!) - but just that the software seems to be installed correctly.

It might just be worth changing the modem to a different PCI slot.

  special sophie 22:32 13 Feb 2003

yeah but I have tried a second new modem I will try a third one though

  special sophie 22:57 13 Feb 2003


  eccomputers 23:02 13 Feb 2003

probably a silly question, but it's always worth checking the obvious.
Have you plugged the modem lead into the correct socket on the modem? many people think the little telephone image means the telephone line, when it should be plugged into the other one.

When it tries to dial, do you hear the modem click?

  special sophie 23:04 13 Feb 2003

yes it is plugged into the right socket and i do hear a very quiet click.

  eccomputers 23:22 13 Feb 2003

it doesnt make much sense. It usually means a problem with the relay on the modem or the modem lead. If you enable the modem speaker, do you hear anything through the speakers when it clicks?

I have only ever had one similar problem to this but a fair time ago, I installed the drivers which came with the modem for xp, but they didnt work. It gave the same error. I went to the modem website and downloaded the latest xp driver and hey presto.

When you create the connection, are you sure it is using the pci modem when you create the new connection and not the amr one?

  greenlamp 23:25 13 Feb 2003

Just a couple of simple things, easier than swopping modems, 1) have you tried plugging a phone int the socket instead of a modem to check if there is a dial tone. 2) If there is definately a dial tone have you tried an alternative modem lead.

  special sophie 23:26 13 Feb 2003

the click does not seem to come from the speaker but from within the case and I don't have both modem in the case at the same time just one at a time

  special sophie 23:28 13 Feb 2003

2 different modem lines and 2 different phone lines in 2 different houses all with dialing tone when phone is plugged into socket

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