No dial tone detected

  cara 23:14 19 Nov 2004

Brother trying to connect to internet, but no dialing tone detected. Now and again a 'line busy' message is also given.

Checked no messages on line (I think this can interfer with connection) - but it is not that.

Any other obvious things to check?

Thanks in advance

  kev.Ifty 23:39 19 Nov 2004

If there is a Dial tone at the wall socket, but not at the Modem. Then i would suspect a loose connection somewhere in the extension cable.

When you get this error you need to eliminate your cabling.

Plug a phone in at the 'PC' end of the cable and see if you can hear a dial tone.

1/ No dial tone at PC end. Dial tone at wall socket = faulty extension cable.

2/No dial tone at PC end or wall socket = fault with socket or BT line (check other phones in the house to decide)

3/Dial tone at PC end, then you have a fault with the Modem. if it is internal, is it seated properly?

Hope this is of some help


  caast©? 23:45 19 Nov 2004

Have you got 56k or broadband,

What firewalls are you using.

  LEGGGGY 10:11 20 Nov 2004

this happened to me last week and i use aol software,, after trying loads of things with no joy i contacted aol and they advised that this was a common problem and all you need do is uninstall aol and then reinstall with any aol disc. this worked fine..

  Wak 15:32 20 Nov 2004

if you are using your internal modem just check that the modem lead is plugged into the modem socket on the computer and not the LAN (network)socket as it will fit in both.

  TomJerry 15:53 20 Nov 2004

he need to delete them

loose connection?

uninstall and re-install modem drive

bad modem?

get broadband, economically it makes sense to get broadband. how much he is paying for dial up per month? he may find he only need to pay slightly more for BB

  spargo 16:05 20 Nov 2004

Hi Cara

Check your Modem/Tel Jack cable, not all cables work with modems although they look the same. Try using a cable that you know works with a modem to eliminate this possibility.

  cara 19:27 21 Nov 2004

Thanks for all your responses. I will pass them on to my brother.

His computer is very underspec. so unfortunately Broadband is out of the question.

Hopefully the solution is in this thread. If he resolves this I shall let you know!


  TomJerry 19:58 21 Nov 2004

win95 machine can use broadband, even PC with win3.11 can use broadband.

  cara 22:44 23 Nov 2004


My sister has problems using broadband.

It is available in her home and they do have the necessary setup for two computers but she is unable to use broadband. Her computer is very old - maybe running on win98 though.

  TomJerry 23:08 23 Nov 2004

if you got correct gear to connect them

what BB you got, adsl from phone line or cable, who is isp

I will suggest you correct gear less than £40 to get all sorted

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