No dial tone?

  Roy* 11:47 28 May 2008

Not a pure PC problem this but we’ve got no dial tone on the phones, they ring when someone calls but when you answer nothing can be heard at either end. There’s no broadband connection either (writing this at work). I’ve done the on-line, line check with BT and they say it’s OK. I’ve connected a phone to the test socket (removed front cover) and still no dial tone?

So do I call a BT engineer out and face the risk of a costly bill or is there something else to try first?

Some more background: PSU failed on PC Friday night (replaced and working OK now), may just be coincidence? Monday phone line quality poor, (difficult to hear, background noise etc) by Tuesday completely dead (rings on incoming).

  floridapctutor 12:09 28 May 2008

Since you have no dial tone from the test socket, it is unlikely that the problem is inside the building. They probably have a problem with a line before it gets to the test box, in which case they would be on the hook (so to speak) to repair it.

Very little chance that the power supply issue would be related.

Good luck!


  Roy* 12:16 28 May 2008

That's kind of what I thought just wondered if I may of missed a simple step?

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