No dial tone

  Oscar 13:54 08 Aug 2004

My internet connection in to the BT point gives a message that the number dialed is not recognised when trying to access the internet I therefore have to disconnect so I can use my house phone.
The message on the screen says port open then it comes up and says no dial tone.

I am therefore unable to acess the internet on my computer can anyone suggest what the problem could be?

I am using NIS 2004 and this say there are no viruses on the system so I am really unsure what to do now.

  oldal 14:08 08 Aug 2004

Sounds like a driver and/or modem problem. How can it report "number not recognised" if there is no dial tone to enable your machine to connect to exchange. Suggest you first reload the modem driver.
Are you using an internal or an external MODEM ?

  Indigo 1 14:18 08 Aug 2004

Yes I agree with oldal it could be a faulty modem, had any electrical storms in your area lately ?

Also check that the Modem to BT outlet cable is in the correct socket on the Modem, the one marked Line not Phone.

  Stuartli 14:22 08 Aug 2004

In IE's Tools>InternetOptions>Connection tab, is Always dial my default connection enabled?

Also from Control Panel>Phones and modems>Modem>Properties that Wait for Dial Tone is checked?

  ayrmail 14:25 08 Aug 2004

Do you have a dial tone when the phone is in?
Are you using a dual socket, if so do you get a tone in both with the phone?
Have you configured NIS?

  jack 14:48 08 Aug 2004

The report 'Number not recognised'
is BT network generated.
So you got through to the system- Modem is OK.
What is porbably happening is the line stays 'live' so Disconect the phone cord from the
wall socket or compter - this will 'hangup' the line.

Now go into the set up routine and make sure
the number your are dialling is correct.
What can happen the prefix [0845] can get itself deleted or or altered in some other way
Delete it and set it up again.

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