No connection to adapter

  BRADS11 15:10 16 Sep 2006

I have a BT home hub which is wired to 1 pc and have just bought a BT Voyager 5100 adapter which I have spent most of today trying to get to work. When I go into wireless connections sometimes it will show my connection, more often it wont, and if I highlight it and try to connect it wont work. I have disabled the firewall and non-wireless connections and moved the hub beside the 2nd PC and tried using the voyager driver and windows to set it up. Any suggestions??

  amateurann 17:50 16 Sep 2006

Have you installed the BT Home Hub CD and run from there?

  BRADS11 20:31 16 Sep 2006

Tried through home hub but it doesnt find the adapter. Also tried through voyager driver and windows wireless network set up but still no joy.

  amateurann 21:22 16 Sep 2006

Sorry I'm not a techie just someone with a hub. Sounds like a faulty adapter. Do you get any error messages in contol panel, system,network adapters?

  BRADS11 12:38 17 Sep 2006

When I go into the BT connection manager it says not broadcasting and unable to connect to hub.

  ade.h 15:39 17 Sep 2006

Are you using manual IP assignment or DHCP? Is MAC filtering enabled? Can you post your ipconfig results, please? Could you clarify which method you are using - WZC plus device driver only or 3rd-party management software - to run this adapter?

  BRADS11 15:46 17 Sep 2006

ade.h, you know my posting on the absolute beginners site... I really am a novice and didnt understand a thing you just said!!

  ade.h 16:00 17 Sep 2006

Please try to answer my questions, otherwise I can't offer much advice.

I would like to know whether you have disabled either the DHCP server in the router/hub or the DHCP Client service on the problem client or whether you have changed the IP and DNS settings for the WLAN adapter.

I also need to know whether MAC filtering is enabled in the router/hub becuase if it is, you will obviously need to find the physical address of the WLAN adapter and enter into the Allowed list.

Run cmd and enter ipconfig /all. Post the results.

Did you install the BT adapter management software or did you install the WLAN adapter as if it were any other device? ie, by using the Hardware Wizard and not the DC installation?

Please try to find out as best you can. Thanks.

  ade.h 16:01 17 Sep 2006

CD installation, I mean.

  BRADS11 18:59 17 Sep 2006

ade.h, thanks for the reply I am working my way through your questions to make sure I tell you the correct things but in mean time I have another question. The 2nd PC can connect to our neighbours wireless connection ok. Would this indicate that either my hub is the problem??

  ade.h 20:55 17 Sep 2006

Possibly. I would want to try a third wireless client before coming to that conclusion. If I were dealing with this on site, there would be a number of processes that I would examine, but with this being a BT hub rather than a conventional router and you being a novice, I am reticent to get into that stuff too much, at least until I have a bit more info.

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