No communication between monitor and PC

  natasha67 10:52 15 Feb 2009

For some reason my PC and monitor don't communicate at all. I bought the PC today, didn't buy a new monitor, thinking that this one that I have will be OK but something is not right here. When I started the PC it was recognised on the monitor as ACER and then the windows, apparently,started. After that the communication between these two was lost. It looked like if the monitor was shut down, even though it wasn't, and all the little monitor lights at the front were going on from left to right. The screen was black for 10-15 min. and I couldn't see anything. Had to restars the comp. but the same thing happened again. I connected my old comp. to the same monitor and everything worked fine.
Could it be that this monitor or monitor's cable are not compatable with this new PC or is it something more serious? :o(

  dewskit 10:55 15 Feb 2009

Could it be that the Video Card is not properly seated, or has become loosened during transit?

I had a similar problem some years ago and after pressing the Video Card firmly down into its slot everything was fine.

Hope this helps


  Technotiger 11:04 15 Feb 2009

I agree with dewskit, and if it is not a loose or dislodged Video card, it could be any other of the cards or RAM stick which may have become dislodged in transit. Also re-check all the internal and external cable connections, like motherboard to hard drive etc.

  natasha67 11:10 15 Feb 2009

Thanks guys, I'll try all that you suggested. The first thing I need to do is to figure out how to do all that, but I guess, our IT technician at work might be able to help. Cheers!

  Fingees 11:13 15 Feb 2009

If it's not the above, could it be that the computer is set to an outpur resolution that your monitor doesn't recognise. If so, try booting into safe mode . tap F8 as starting up

Just a thought.

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