No colour in scanned transparency

  Carafaraday 12:27 28 Aug 2005

Can anyone explain why I cannot get any colour when I scan in an old (colour!) transparency? The scanner is working ok as it gets the coloured writing on the surround of the slide but the image itself is in black and white. I found an old posting where it was suggested you could make a white box out of paper and use this with an ordinary scanner. This works fine except for the colour. Any ideas?


  Totally-braindead 13:02 28 Aug 2005

I tried this about a year ago, tried the box thing as well and it was a waste of time, ended going to my local camera shop, getting them to scan it and put it on disk for me. Unless your scanner is specifically designed to scan negatives and you have the relevant attachment for it you're just wasting your time I'm afraid.

  jack 14:02 28 Aug 2005

Only to confirm TBD
The transparancy needs to be illuminated from behind
'light in the lid'flatbed scanner or a dedicated film scanner.
The firmware in the Scanner needs to be designed to deal with this.

In addition to the photoshop auggestion try this one.
If you have access to a digital camera
make a rig out of odds and ends[cardboard/wood/metalso that the camera is one end. a light source[halogen desklamp] at the other and the slide mounted in a card in between- can you imagine it?
Pop several exposures in macro mode.
And let your favourite image editor take care of colour correction.

  Carafaraday 14:05 28 Aug 2005

Thanks to you both for your replies. I think I'll probably just end up going to the photo shop, but will have a try at jack's idea first - sounds interesting.

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