No centre channel when watching DVDs

  Steve N 21:37 10 Jun 2003

i have recently purchaced some creative labs 5100 5:1 speaker system and a soundblaster live 5:1 sound card. i have set them up like the instructions indicated and they work ok on the Soundblaster sound check. When i play DVDs on powerdvd i recieve no sound out of the centre (speach) speaker. i have not got the audio cable plugged from the DVD player to the sound card, would this make a difference? or is there any else i am doing wrong??

  BarryKeith 21:57 10 Jun 2003

You will only get sound from the centre speaker if it has been recorded into the soundtrack of the DVD or you use 'Surround sound'. Many DVD's only have a stereo sound track which is just two channels so there is no track for the centre speaker.

  soy 22:22 10 Jun 2003

Hi, go to START> CREATIVE> CREATIVE PLAY CENTER> and open Creative Play centre player.

On the player, you should see an option called 'CMSS'. click on this and enable it to ON. If you can't see 'CMSS' close the right pane and open it again.

click here

This makes the centre speaker the main speaker.

  Steve N 22:34 10 Jun 2003

They problem is on my mates PC I don't think he has play center installed just the live driver uni pack from the Creative website. The DVD he played on it had Dolby Digital, so the voices should just be coming out the centre speaker and that only right (like my dad's proper hi-fi setup)? But instead they come out of all the speakers and nothin at all comes out the center one?!

  soy 22:44 10 Jun 2003

I get that as well. Watching DVD's nothing comes out of the centre speaker but when I switch CMSS on, the Centre speaker works. Watching DVD's the actors voices come from the centre while the SOund effects etc come from the rest. If I switch CMSS off, the centre gives nothing.

  Steve N 22:47 10 Jun 2003

Sweet. So you recommend installing play center. Do you have to watch the movies in it too?

I assume he can download it from the Creative website?

  soy 00:34 11 Jun 2003

Software should have come with the system or on a Creative CD. Part of the Creatives bundle.

  Steve N 09:17 11 Jun 2003

He bought it OEM so all you get with that is just the soundcard.

  soy 09:35 11 Jun 2003

I had a search in ggogle for creative playcenter software and I think I've found it. Although its Version 2.5, It may work.

click here
(Download from the second Mirror)

You only need to configure CMSS on once and you play your movies in any player you want. Be that powerDVD, WMP etc.

I'm sure there must be some other way of enabling CMSS but I only know how to do this through Creatives software.

Anyway, Hope this helps.


PS: if the player doesn't work or isn't the right one, have a look on creatives website for software.

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