No CD required

  fitshase 12:45 20 Feb 2003

I know this sounds dodgy but it's definitely NOT.

I have a few games on CD (FIFA 2002, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Champ Manager, Command & Conquer, etc.) and they are all genuine orignal licensed CD's. I do a lot of travelling through work and spend some nights away from home. I have a slimline laptop with an external CD-drive running Win 98.

I want to take the games with me but I also have to lug the CD-drive with me. The games all install on the hard-drive but need the CD to run. Is there anyway to fool the computer into thinking that the CD is present (e.g., run the game from the hard-drive) so I don't have to carry the external CD-drive with me everywhere. I have seen a few "No-CD" patches for the games but these seem very dodgy as they are normally on sites with porn pop-up ads.

I know that you can't copy the CD to the hard-drive because I have tried that and it still looks for the CD.

I must re-emphasise, the games I have are not pirate copies and are genuine. I just want to be able to play them without the external CD-drive.

Any advice is welcome.



  TBH1 12:55 20 Feb 2003

am sure there's something out there called Virtual CD - -does exactly what you require - - -I think - - -

  leo49 13:02 20 Feb 2003

click here

Paragon CD emulator is another popular one - no first hand experience,I'm afraid.


  fitshase 13:18 20 Feb 2003

Thanks for the replys, I am going to have to speak to our I.T department before I install any software. I'll let you know the results (will be next week.)

Thanks again,


  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 13:56 20 Feb 2003

Virtual CD will not work with games that are copy protected as it fails to read the disc correctly, you also need a lot of hard drive space, the no-cd cracks that sre around need you to replace a couple of game files to fool the game into thinking it is running from cd (hence no-cd)!as to the matter of are they illegal,? i hope not as I use one for red alert!!!, they can found on almost any gaming site so I would think that so long as you own the game why not!!

Me now ducks below parapet to avoid "virtual slapping"

  _Treb_ 17:35 20 Feb 2003

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  froggg 19:35 20 Feb 2003

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  Sir Radfordin™ 19:41 20 Feb 2003

If anyone is wondering then it is not leagal to do this. And I hope fitshase IT Department know what they are doing when they answer his question.

No need to debate the rights and wrongs as a consumers point of view, the law is the law and you should abide by it.

  Blix 19:52 20 Feb 2003

I'm not sure of the laws in the UK, but in the US and Canada:
-You are LEGALLY ALLOWED to make a personal backup of an Original Game CD as long as you are the owner of the Original Game CD.
-You are NOT ALLOWED to sell, rent or give away any backups of copyrighted Games CD's, as this is not allowed by Copyright Laws.
-You MUST DESTROY any backups when you don't legally own the Original Game CD anymore (e.g. selling or giving it away)

  fitshase 10:24 21 Feb 2003

It looks like I'll not be needing the software after all.

Just got an e-mail through from I.T dept saying that I'm getting a new laptop which has a CD Drive built in. It seems that a lot of the external CD drives are either being lost, stolen or are breaking so they are replacing the laptops.

I'll have to put up with a slightly heavier laptop but at least I can play my games (and watch DVD's!)

Cheers for all the help.



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