No C Prompt

  Pugmahone 16:45 04 Apr 2004

Anyone can offer advice on why I dont get a C prompt anymore, the machine was working perfectly, and no cables are loose or have any modifications been made to it since it was last working.

The machine in question is a P3 550mhz with 512ram, and a 36G IBM SCSI 2 UW hard drive, my nephew was playing around on it, and somehow he managed to format the hard drive, under win xp pro sp1.

When trying to install Win XP from CD , we get the following :-

Unknown Disk (there is no disk in this drive )
35237MB disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on aic 78u2 [MBR]

C: Partition1 {Unknown} 35228MB
unpartitioned space 8MB

When i press enter to instal Win XP i get this message

Unknown Disk

This disk does not contain a Windows XP-compatible partition.

When I try to boot from floppy I get DOS loading then I get SCSI bios installed succesfully.

Any suggestions would be welcomed, as I'm now pulling what little hair I've got, OUT !!!!

  Eric10 16:50 04 Apr 2004

It sounds as if you haven't set your PC to boot from CD. The setting is in the BIOS.

  Graham ® 16:59 04 Apr 2004

You need to 'fdisk' to partition the hard drive.

click here

  Pugmahone 17:37 04 Apr 2004


I have set my bios to boot with the following 1=floppy, 2=SCSI, 3=CDROM

I can use the CDROM , but I cant use/find my C drive


I have run fdisk, when i get to the page where it says enable large disk support and you have yto click Y/N and I press Y to accept, I get to the A prompt instaed of the FDisk Options page.

Any other suggestions ?

  Pugmahone 17:52 04 Apr 2004

Graham I tried fdisk once again, and get this message :- no fixed disk present.

  Eric10 20:06 04 Apr 2004

If you can't boot from the CD but can read the CD after booting from floppy then you can install WinXP by changing to the i386 folder on the CD and running WINNT.EXE. This isn't ideal because Smartdrv.exe will probably not be installed and this makes a massive difference to the speed of the install. Once the install starts you will be able to partition and format the drive during the install as mentioned above. If you have room on your boot floppy you can download Smartdrv from click here among other places. Add it to Autoexec.bat or just run it from the A:> prompt before installing WinXP.

On the subject of FDISK not running. You don't mention a Zip Drive but I've had this problem with FDISK when there has been one fitted. If this is the case then you can usually get round it by putting a disk in the drive and if this doesn't work then temporarily disconnect the drive while you run FDISK.

  Pugmahone 01:39 05 Apr 2004

Thanx Eric10, after disconnecting my internal zip drive, fdisk worked and all went well, THANK YOU SO MUCH, anyone know someone who can transplant all the hair I pulled out, before getting this result?.

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