No Broadband connection - weak signal?

  rickd 11:19 16 Oct 2006

Have recently moved house and reconnected to the world via internet. I can connect via my speedtouch modem, and this runs broadband fine at half a meg. However, neither my router (netgear dsg834gt) or an orange livebox will sych (just get flashing lights and no connection). I suspect the signal is too weak (or signal to noise ratio to low). I've checked the internal house wiring (not on an extension etc) spent many hours on the phone to orange and BT, but seem to be getting nowhere. I asked BT to increase the gain on my line, but have seen no improvement (so I'm not sure if it didn't work, or if they didn't actually do it)

Any ideas? Is there anyway I can boost or test my signal myself (I tried running Dr Speedtouch, but can't see any useful information there). Anyone had similar problems and had a successful outcome? Before you ask, I need the router rather than modem so I can surf on 2 PC's at the same time.

  Dipso 12:49 16 Oct 2006

Have you tried connecting through the test socket behind the BT faceplate.

You can use Dr Speedtouch to check what your SNR is, as well as obtain other stats, which could give an indication if your problem relates to a noisy line.

  rickd 12:58 16 Oct 2006

yup, tried it in the test socket, but no difference.

I got the stats, but not really sure what to look for - i.e if its good news or bad news. Any ideas on what to look for?

It does say test error 23 ( at the top, if that means anything?

  Dipso 13:08 16 Oct 2006

The stats you are looking for are:-


Please post them and I'll take a look.

  rickd 13:22 16 Oct 2006

DSLUptime= 279
ErrorredSeconds= 9
LossOfFraming= 9
LossOfLink= 1
LossOfSignal= 9
PhysicalLinkStatus= Up
ReceiveAttenuation_dB= 60
ReceiveMargin_dB= 13
RxOutputPower_dBm= 0
SendAttenuation_dB= 31
SendMargin_dB= 18
TotalBytesReceived= 19508558
TotalBytesSent= 1975999
TotalPacketsReceived= 10733
TotalPacketsSent= 10733
TxOutputPower_dBm= 0
Uptime= 279
ChannelMode= Fast
Layer1DownstreamMaxBitRate= 576000
Layer1UpstreamMaxBitRate= 288000
WANAccessType= DSL

  Dipso 13:56 16 Oct 2006

ReceiveAttenuation_dB= 60
ReceiveMargin_dB= 13

These are the figures that we need. You attenuation indicates that you are a fair distance from the telephone exchange.

Your downstream SNR is 13. From click here "For ADSL it should be at least 10 dB but ideally above 12dB. Anything less than this will see frequent disconnections and other problems."

Different hardware could interpret your line stats differently and I wonder if you are simply on the limits for your other hardware and the Speedtouch is better at handling the long line.

This click here indicates the Netgear DG834/G is good for long lines. Presumably the DG834GT isn't as it's a different chipset.

  rickd 14:31 16 Oct 2006

Yes, I live in the middle of nowhere and I'm just over 7km from the exchange apparently, which is undoubtedly the root of the problem. I suppose I should probably be pleased I can get broadband at all! However, the figures look promising by comparisons to requirements, so I'm a little surprised neither routers work. I'd rather not splash out on another router in the slim hope it'll be better, then find that's no good either but I'll check whether there's any theoretical difference in signal handling between the 834 and 834GT.
If nothing can be done, then so be it, but I dont want to sit here having internet access on just one PC if there is anything I can do about it.

  Dipso 14:38 16 Oct 2006

There's always Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) or you could always set up an Ad-Hoc wireless network between PC's click here , the downside being the gateway PC would have to be left on for the other to get access.

  Dipso 14:40 16 Oct 2006

More about the 834/834GT and long lines click here

  Graham. 14:45 16 Oct 2006

Note that increasing the gain only benefits a dial-up performance. It can actually have a negative effect on broadband by amplifying noise.

  rickd 15:35 16 Oct 2006

My attempts so far at networking the PC's and running off the single modem, is that only one PC will actually access the internet at a time - probably something I did wrong with the network. Also, my laptop used to link wirelessly to the router. Still, if I have to go down that route, rather than use a router, I'll try to fix the networkt. Looks like I may have to try a 834G as Kitz is pretty emphatic they differ. Another £40-50!!

It was an advisor/engineer working for Orange broadband livebox who told me to ask BT to have the gain turned up - but I think you have a point, cos the same problem of greater noise can apparently occur if you use a voice box amplifier (boosts the telephone signal). I'll put it to the Orange chap when next we speak (they're sending me a replacement livebox since this one won't synch). I'm hoping they'll get so fed up with me phoning them they'll eventually send a BT engineer over to resolve the matter once and for all.

Yup, pigs might fly.....

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