No broadband - Can I still use ADSL modem + router

  BEV 08:31 30 Jun 2004

Can anyone give me some advice

On 9 June 2004 our exchange was enabled for broadband and I signed up with Freeserve my provider.
Currently we have an ad-hoc wireless network of $ PC's, with an ordinary phone line, using my PC as the main machine but it means my PC has to be on all the time.
In preparation for connection I purchased an ADSL Modem with built in Wireless Router. Yesterday after 3 weeks waiting Freeserve send me an e-mail to say it is not possible to provide Broadband on my phone line.
I would still like to use the ADSL Modem with built in Wireless Router but I'm not sure whether it would work on an ordinary phoneline. I have all the splitter on the incoming phone sockets.
Can anyone advise?

  johnnyrocker 08:36 30 Jun 2004

as far as i am aware the piece of equipment you describe will not work if it does not have a road to travel on click here or click here for further advice/help


  georgemac 08:37 30 Jun 2004

I am waiting on ADSL and have purchased a netgear wireless ADSL modem router.

I tried connecting it yesterday so I could get the wireless network up and running before I get my ADSL connection. However this model seems to need to see the ADSL connection firts before I can log into the router to set up the wireless network, so it was no use. I will have to wait. It also screwed up my system a little and I had to uninstall & reinstall my software firewall before I could get any information on the internet.

  georgemac 08:43 30 Jun 2004

click here and enter your phone number & postcode - it will tell you if you should be able to recieve broadband. If you are within 5.5 km (cable distance) of the exchange you should be able to get an adsl service.

I found this on another forum, it is the BT line test, but you are not really supposed to use it (but I did and it worked).

The BT line test facility can be accessed from any BT (or WorldOnline) line by dialling 17070.

Quiet Line Test

Unplug any extention phones, extention cables, answer machines or fax (anything except the phone you will use to do the test!).

Plug a normal touch tone phone directly into the BT master socket.

Dial 17070, press option 2 (quiet line test)

You should hear 'Quiet Line Test' and then silence, there should be no pops, clicks, whistles, buzzing etc. If there is noise on the line, make sure it's not your phones connection to the socket (wiggle it about a bit) and that you are using the master socket. If you are sure its the line making the noise then dial BT (or WorldOnline) and report the fault, they should be able to sort it out. Remember that 'mis-reporting' a fault (e.g. if it turns out to be your phone, extention cord etc.) may be charged a call-out fee by BT (/WOL).

any probs? see It doesn't work? (below)

Distance From Exchange

Dial the same line test number as the quiet line test (17070). Then press option 3 (fast test) then press option 1 (to say you are authorised, don't worry about 'not being officially authorised'). The press option 2 (ring back test). Then put the phone down.

You will get called back by the test facility within about 10 seconds, one of the bits of information given will be distance from exchange (in kilometres).

*The distance result may not be accurate if you have a 'DACs' fitted. It is not 100% accurate but does serve as a guide.

any probs? see It doesn't work? (below)

It doesn't work?

You need a BT line (or WorldOnline).

You need to use a touch tone phone (don't think it works without one).

You have caller line id (CLI) blocked, if this is the case then on dialling 17070 the message will include 'there is no CLI detected for this circuit'. You can get round this by dialling a prefix before 17070, the prefix is 1470, so the full line test number will be 1470 17070.

  BEV 17:05 30 Jun 2004

I have been in touch with Wanadoo and they told me my phoneline had no broadband capabilities and advised me to contact BT. When I did I was told my line supports 500 which is what I signed up for!
I could sign up with BT but it's more expensive and they don't provide e-mail addresses and these are an extra service you have to purchase.
Do you know if there is such a thing as a dial up modem and router?

  woodt 19:05 30 Jun 2004

I did exactly what you want to do before my BT exchange was enabled. You will have to call or e-mail the manufacturer of your router to get the settings.

  jonnytub 19:08 30 Jun 2004


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