no broadband available, any ideas?

  pharte 20:58 05 Apr 2004

I have no cable in my area and am too far from my broadband enabled exchange (although I have clocked it at 3 miles). I desperatley want some sort of "always on" broadband, what are my options?

  johnnyrocker 20:59 05 Apr 2004

have bt actually rejected you then?


  Diodorus Siculus 21:10 05 Apr 2004
  Pesala 21:11 05 Apr 2004
  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 21:12 05 Apr 2004

There was a site offering BB speeds on dialup for the life of me cant remember addy and also dont know if it was true but i remember seeing it in a local paper as well so maybe it was !


  Quiller. 21:19 05 Apr 2004

A link to this was posted last week. It requires as little as 15 users to get up and running. Wireless broadband with 1Mb and 2Mb connections.

Installation costs are rated at £149 and the cost is £30 a month for home users.

click here

  pharte 21:43 05 Apr 2004

I have been rejected by BT, Tiscali, Aol and others all of who said I was capable of recieving it.

I have been as far as twice paying for equipment and installing it but then being told I had too much line loss (too far from the exchange).

The satelite option seemed like a good idea and I even drove down south for a launch of a new product last year but the cost outweighed the usefullness even on the phone / satelite combined usage.

Is it ADSL that uses the spare line on the phone and doubles up to use two lines on a large download?.

I am doubtfull that I could get fifteen locals to sign up around here for the but am willing to canvass the neighbours.

  Martin86 22:21 05 Apr 2004

 ÑÌÇKÑÂMË mentioned "There was a site offering BB speeds on dialup". If this is referring to ONSPEED (click here) then I'll just let you know it's useless; hardly speeds things up at all, and reduces the quality of JPEGs to an unbearable level.

I have BT Home Highway (ISDN) and love it. A similar package called BT Midband is also available. Using your existing line and some new equipment in a small white box in your house, your phone line has a total of 2 digital and 2 analog "channels", of which any two can be used at once. Usually you'd use 1 digital channel to be connected to the Internet at 64K while keeping a channel free for voice calls. If you then make a voice call while on the net you're using two channels. You can then also use both digital channels to connect to the Internet at 128K but this completely ties up the phone line.

Bear in mind though that ISDN is more similar to dialup than broadband - you still need an ISP, and it's not an "always on" service. Connecting to a pay-as-you-go ISP at 128K costs you twice as much as at 64K because the computer is effectively making two simultaneous calls. Most household-name ISPs don't support 128K connections so you have to search around a bit. However almost all major ISPs support 64K.

  Chegs ® 00:38 06 Apr 2004

I had ISDN before my exchange was enabled.I hunted high & low for an ISP that would allow dual line connections,the only ISP name I vaguely remember allowed this was "Arnold...."but the costs were high for a home user as it was a business only ISP.The option I used,I had my dial-up ISP account(at 64K,and 2 hours online at a time)but for large d/l's I used a pay-as-you-go ISP(at 128K)Although there were a multitude of PAYGO ISP's,I found several that simply did not support dual connections at all,so usually used also regularly fell asleep waiting for these large d/l's completing,so got lumbered with a monster phone bill(£1000+)As soon as my exchange was enabled,I signed up for ADSL(so have some sympathy with your situation) ;-)

  Giggle n' Bits 00:42 06 Apr 2004

All you need is BT line they supply a External ?USB Modem for 512Kbps connection and the first x3 months are on offer I think at £14.99 reduced from about £28 ish. click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:24 06 Apr 2004

Too far from the exchange, if BT said no then Freeserve has no chance as it (and most other ISP's apart from cable) uses BT.....

pharte...apart from totally expensive satellite, there is no other practical could always move but I feel that would be a bit drastic just to get BB.


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