No Broadbamd- laptop wont detect router

  hawthorn59 03:30 07 May 2007

Hi All

Im currently using my nephews laptop as I cannot get my wireless boradband to connect on my own. It started to fail last Thursday, but sometimes worked after I looged off an on again. I thought it might be because of a tree in line of sight, but no, my nephews laptop picks it up so that is ruled out.

I cannot even get the wireless icon, so its not even picking up the router.

I did change my hard drive a couple of months ago but it worked ok till last week. My provider says there was no setup in the laptop as such, it should just pick it up.

Its a new (6 months old) laptop. I bought it from another nephew in a computer store where he works. All he can offer is to get it looked at under warranty, but it will have to be sent from here (Ireland) back to HP in the UK. I really would prefer not to. He said if the card is gone they'll just replace the motherboard!

Is there anything you could suggest he might look for when he has a look at it tomorrow for me?



  missingit 07:37 07 May 2007

Have a look here,might be something to help.
click here

  birdface 08:40 07 May 2007

Make sure your firewall is configured properly,There have been a few problems with Zone Alarm,It may be easier to Delete your firewall,Run C Cleaner, And reinstall the Firewall.What A/Virus and Firewall do you have.

  postie24 10:47 07 May 2007

Click start/run. type in, services.msc
Scroll down to wireless and make sure its running and set to auto

  hawthorn59 16:09 07 May 2007

Right now I dont have a firewall (!) Im using avast antivirus.

Checked services.msc and wireless is set to auto.

I dont know if its settings somewhere or what is wrong. The thing is it started giving problems last Thursday, but worked once or twice for a few hours.

Oh yes I forgot; when I turn OFF the wireless button it makes the normal windows sound, but when I turn it back on it gives 3 quick beeps, like an error message..(?)

It would be a disaster to send it to the UK if its something simple!


  woodchip 16:16 07 May 2007

Have you tried rebooting the router? leave it off for a bit

  hawthorn59 03:33 08 May 2007

Yes did that too! And of course its working on this laptop!

I have no "wireless" icon at all, in network connections. Does this mean the card isnt working? Could something be wrong in the configuration of th card?

Where is the card in device manager, ie what is it called? It doesnt appear to be there.


  woodchip 10:12 08 May 2007

Have you set up the router for wireless in the router settings? also you need the settings from the router to put into the Wireless computer settings for it to work

  hawthorn59 20:47 08 May 2007

Well you see all that was setup initially by the installer, and it worked for about 2 months. Then went off intermittently and finally stopped working altogether.

I rang him and he thinks its a laptop problem..

  Ashrich 21:48 08 May 2007

In device manager it should be found under Network Adapters , have a look there , also , are there any entries with a yellow triangle indicating that Windows has found something but doesn't know what it is ? Try reloading the drivers for the wireless card


  tullie 22:02 08 May 2007

Yoy have turned the wireless button on havent you?

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