no boot up sequence!!

  stef9000 19:15 23 Feb 2003

please help! there seems to be a problem with my boot sequence this morning i took a stick of memory out to check what sort it was, but it back switched comp on and nothing all the fans start makes a little wimper then just dies. Monitor just says no signal so thought it was graphics card tryed another still nothin tryed monitor still same, then i noticed that the hard drive light was'nt lighting up on boot but cd drives do so i swapped power from hard drive to cd drive but still nothin ive checked everywhere make sure there are no loose connections and there ar'nt no beeps on boot either please help!!!!im using ecs k7vta3 motherboard.

  Derek 19:26 23 Feb 2003

Get the torch out !!
It sounds as though you've disturbed a connector coming from the power supply. Be care and pull them out by the hard bit and not the cable. Push gently but firmly in and then listen for the one single bleep from the speaker.
The ESC is quite a simple MB and quite well made, just removing a line of memory should have no bad effects.
Its not unusual to find that although a plug is 'home', just one little piece of cable has detached itself from the connector.

  stef9000 19:42 23 Feb 2003

derek tryed what u suggested but still nothing.
any other ideas, im using xp pro, its baffling me.

  -pops- 19:53 23 Feb 2003

Is the memory stick re-inserted correctly?

How many sticks of memory do you have installed? Try removing the "problem" one and see it you can boot OK without it.

It takes quite a push to seat them properly - so much so on mine that I thought I would break the motherboard. Try putting it in again. make sure it is the right way round and the cutout key matches with the slot.


  stef9000 19:58 23 Feb 2003

tryed that earlier too just had the one stick of 256 ddr pc2100 and i brought another today, tryed them both on there own and still no joy. im really begining to miss my old pal. but still keep thinking and thanks.

  stef9000 20:27 23 Feb 2003

just double checked all the above suggestion's and still nothing even girlfriend as had a look as anyone else got an idea what could be up with it please!!!!!!!!!!
could it be proccesor, i think everything is ok just no power to hard drive power light comes on front of case but then goes off after about 45 seconds but hard drive light never came on which it usually does on boot up. again pleaseeeeee help!!!!

  Derek 06:43 24 Feb 2003

Let's start again....Explain exactly what happens when you switch on. Keep a pen and paper handy, what bleeps do you hear etc. Don't rush about, get hot and panic, Just say to yourself..."if someone made it - then it can be fixed".
When you reply, don't get flowery in words, keep you expaining precise.

  stef9000 08:54 24 Feb 2003

hi derek thanks for your help if u are still on im going to write exactly what happens

  MAJ 09:05 24 Feb 2003

Did you have to push very hard when you replaced the memory module originally, stef9000, if so it's possible that you could have cracked the motherboard, I've seen that happening before when installing memory. Can you also check the hard drive in another computer, it's possible that your hard drive died at that time coincidently. Those are worst case senarios though.

  stef9000 09:10 24 Feb 2003

when i switch power on i can see the fans start thr rear fan and processor fan, both cd drives light up and flicker. then at the bottom there is a red power light that comes on for about 20 seconds but green light for hdd doesnt light up it usually does, i don't get no dos or bios screen just blank with no signal displayed on monitor. noticed this morning that there is only a tiny amount of air coming from the back of the power supply don't know if thats how they are?? could my psu be broke and damaged the cpu. when i first removed memory and put it back in i did get a slight smell of burning but i smelt that before. someone suggested battery but i doubted that please help!! thanks ecs k7vta3 motherboard
checked that ive put memory in right loads of times dont know if ive disturbed something but can someone shed some light on what it could be.

  stef9000 09:14 24 Feb 2003

hi maj, yes did have to push very hard to get memory in but ive been told thats how they are, car'nt try the hard drive in another could on mums but this thing is older then her (dont tell her i said that)
could i use a multi meter on them just to check power but i dont know how to use one

Thanks maj so what do u think

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