No boot up after replacing CMOS battery

  struddy 15:23 06 Oct 2006

As my time and date did not keep up, I replaced the button battery on the motherboard.(the old battery was removed for two days).Now the computer will not boot, all I get is a flashing curser at the top left of my moniter.

  woodchip 15:28 06 Oct 2006

Have you put the battery in the correct way round If not it may have done the CMOS chip in

  struddy 15:34 06 Oct 2006

The battery was inserted the correct way + up as was the old one

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:37 06 Oct 2006

CAn you get into the BIOS?

set the CMOS to auto detect the hard drives.

  woodchip 15:41 06 Oct 2006

Is there a CMOS clear jumper? if so move it to clear CMOS you need the power off at wall socket and remove CMOS battery then put the jumper back in run position pin 1 and 2 replace CMOS battery

  struddy 15:43 06 Oct 2006

No I unable to get in to the BIOS as It does not get as far post.

  struddy 15:48 06 Oct 2006

I have tried the jumper to clear CMOS to no avail.when I change the jumper with the battery removed should I turn the power on and then off.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:01 06 Oct 2006

Can't see the point of shorting two pins when there is no power across the pins?

Switch off and uplugg PC with battery in use jumper across pins to clear CMOS leave for a few seconds.

Put jumper back to normal position BEFORE plugging in and powering on the PC.

Use appropriate key (ESC F1 Del) while booting to enter BIOS.

  struddy 16:42 06 Oct 2006

Thanks Fruit Bat I have tried as you suggested but nothing.My computer is a 4 year old Evesham so it looks as if I will have to upgrade to a new motherboard.

  woodchip 17:02 06 Oct 2006

In my manual you have to remove all power 230volt and Cmos Battery then move the jumper to clear then back to run

  struddy 21:13 06 Oct 2006

Thank you woodchip and fruit bat for your help.
Problem solved. I had to change some dip switches and move a jumper to get into jumpfree mode, this allowed me to get into the BIOS to set defaults.

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