No Boot Up

  stef9000 14:02 25 May 2003

Can someone help me please.

Went to switch pc on last night and bios all started up as usual, then on the last part of bios it stops and says system disk invalid press remove and press any key there no floppy in or discs in the drives its says verifying dmi pool data for awhile before it says in valid disc.

Car'nt hear hard drive kickin up either but on first part of bios is reckonises it.

Any idea what it could be checked all cables and bios settings.

Thanks stef

  Dr. Charles 14:10 25 May 2003

Oh dear Stef, I hope I am wrong, but it sounds as if there is a problem with the power supply to your HD. Might it be your HD has died, how old is it? It could be just a loose wire in your power supply. It doesn`t sound like a software problem to me but i could be wrong.

I have to go out but no doubt someone else will come with a "Pearl of Wisdom".Might it be safer to remove the `puter plug from the power supply in case of a short circuit and fire, if you are leaving it on its own.



  DieSse 14:24 25 May 2003

The boot up can't talk to your HDD (Hard drive), or your HDD is corrupt.

Check the power connector to it, and even try another one.

Boot up with the emergency start floppy - when booted up in DOS, can you talk to your HDD - Try

dir c: (ret) .... (ret) = hit the return/enter key.

If this works (gives you a list of something) - then you drive is running, and must be corrupt.

If you really think your drive is not starting up, try giving it a sharp slap (you might ned to take it out for this to be effective.)

Let us know what happens, as the next actions depend on the result of these.

  stef9000 14:25 25 May 2003

Thats what i thought

ive tried both the power supply connectors for hard drive but neither did anything.

is there any other thing that could be causing this to happen.

Thanks stef

  VoG™ 14:27 25 May 2003

There is a *remote* possibility that you have a boot sector virus like this one click here

  stef9000 14:29 25 May 2003

Should i try formatting the hard drive and see what happens i really dont want 2 do it but would it work?

  DieSse 14:37 25 May 2003

Try the booting with a floppy first - this will tell if your drive is actually running or not.

Formatting may not clear boot sector viruses - but first things first - check whether the drive is running.

  AndySD 14:41 25 May 2003

If you know the make of the hard drive go to their web site ...there should be a download there to check the hard disk.

  stef9000 23:29 25 May 2003

cheers guys

tryed all the above and i dont know if it was a bad sector or whatever or the hard drive just died but got a new one from component centre in pc world payed 62 quid.

Thanks again

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