blowworm 20:30 16 Jun 2004

Hi All,
I have an amd k62 450, all was fine until last night when I tried to put in a cdrw drive, when I started machine up there was no bios sceen check, just a blank on the monitor(though the power light was on). nothing else excpt fan on mobo worked, cd drive worked, light on mouse and keyboard also worked....tried different monitor encase that was the fault and same story.

Be most gratefull of any help.



  Valvegrid 20:38 16 Jun 2004

Have you tried removing the CD drive?

  PSF 20:48 16 Jun 2004

Check you have not dislodged the graphics card or any of the IDE connectors.

Did you fit the CDR on the secondary IDE channel?

If you connected it to the same IDE cable as the hard drive did you make the CDR a slave using the jumpers on the back of the CDR.

  Dorsai 20:51 16 Jun 2004

Sounds like a jumper problem on the drives you are using.

What have you got and where are they plugged into?

  blowworm 20:54 16 Jun 2004

Have checked, originally the cd lead only had one connecter. I plugged in another with two, the cdrw was master and connected such. Have put back original lead, and normal drive with no joy. also have disconected all drive (HDD+CD) leads and thier power leads with no joy.



  xania 21:01 16 Jun 2004

Do you get any beeps from the motherboard? I suppose its possible that you knocked the graphics card when you instaled the CD player, in which case you could have knackered it - see if you can borrow a replacement from someone.

  blowworm 21:06 16 Jun 2004

ny pci cards or even touch them, no beeps from mobo either.


  PSF 21:07 16 Jun 2004

When you start the pc does the hard drive light flicker and windows sound like it is loading?

Have you checked that the ram is seated correctly?

It could be starting but if the display is not working nothing would be indicated. Do you get three beeps on start-up?

  Dorsai 21:08 16 Jun 2004

Did you just turn your pc off from the switch on the front, and then make the changes?

Or did you shut down and then pull the mains cable from the PSU?

Many modern PSu's supply some sora 'stand-by' power to the PC, even when it's off... may be un-related, but just asking.

  SimonC 21:20 16 Jun 2004

Earlier this year had exactly the same prob after adding new hard drives. Now I'm not saying this is def, but 4 me it woz the PSU and 4 £17.50 I replaced it and abracadabra. U had better hope its the PSU coz if not no BIOS post points to the motherboard. Hope this helps mate


  blowworm 21:48 16 Jun 2004

HDD briefly runs, stops,them cd brieftly runs and stops.

ram is seated.

No beeps.



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