No Bios on my start up menu?

  jude64 20:35 29 Dec 2007

Currently using ME and trying to install XP, have gone into set up menu to change boot up order to cd but have no bio son set up menu only Cmos, been at this all day please help??

  Earthsea 21:00 29 Dec 2007

Not sure quite what you mean. CMOS is the more correct term for what most people call BIOS - CMOS BIOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Basic Input/Output System) is firmware ROM (Read Only Memory) that stores basic parameter settings to get a computer up and running.

The CMOS menu should have the boot option you're looking for, or have I misunderstood?

  Fingees 21:10 29 Dec 2007

Usually , if you press delete, or some other key depending on the make of motherboard, on start up, it will boot directly onto the bios screen, this is where you can change the order of boot items , in the BIOS

  cream. 21:11 29 Dec 2007

You don't need to, if you have the right XP disk.

Start the computer and go to your ME desktop. Insert the XP disk in the cdrom drive. Use the drop down box for new installation and follow the prompts.

The computer will reboot and start the installation.

  cream. 21:14 29 Dec 2007

It should look like this. click here

  jude64 15:10 30 Dec 2007

Thanks everyone for your input. I'm on a course at college and the disc I have is a copy to practise with (No product key). I've loaded the operating sytem at tech several times but I've come to do it at home on my own system and fall at the first hurdle as the screen is not the same. Don't understand enough yet to try anything different other than the instructions I have. I'll have another look at the CMOS as Earthsea suggests, let you all know how I go on. Thanks.

  jude64 15:31 30 Dec 2007

Thanks everyone, I've been very brave and took the bull by the horns and gone into the advanced set up and changed the 1st boot to CD ROM and it worked, it's loading as I'm typing this. Thank you all very much.

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