No beeps or post on startup - help please

  Never again 16:18 27 Apr 2005

My friend has given me her pc as it will not start or boot into windows.

She tells me that she is running windows millenium and that she has not done anything to the pc to stop it working - apart from the decorating!!

We have brought it to work to see if we can get it going.

There were no beeps on start up so I removed all the cables and video card - but still no beeps.

I have had the processor (Athlon) out as well as the memory and put them all back in - but still no beep.

I have cleaned the fans which were clogged up and removed any devices such as hdd and cd drive - but still no beep.

Power is getting to the motherboard as the fans are whirring around but very little else is happening.

There is no signal to the monitor or post on anything.

Your suggestions would be gratefully received.

  Indigo 1 16:36 27 Apr 2005

Do any fans turn or are there any lights on (inside too) ?

  Technotiger 16:41 27 Apr 2005

Hi, when you replaced the CPU I assume you did replace the gel too?

No beeps - main culprit, I think is RAM, make sure it is seated properly, remove RAM and re-seat.

  DieSse 17:04 27 Apr 2005

No beeps - in my experience the commonest (but not the only) culprit is a faulty motherboard.

  Technotiger 17:10 27 Apr 2005

in addition no beeps can indicate a loose card or short.

  Aspman 17:15 27 Apr 2005


Is the case speaker attached and working?

Past that as Technotiger says memory probs often stops the boot process dead. The machine would still go to bios even with no cpu.

Is the mobo getting power? LEDs lit? fans spinning? HD spinning up?

Could be PSU if everything is dead.

  Aspman 17:20 27 Apr 2005

Doh must read properly.

Try remving all the cables/cards/memory/cpu again and put them back one at a time and try to boot at each step.

It won't boot but you should be able to get the appropriate error message until the faulty componant goes in.

Could be the PSU, I have seen it a few times and a new PSU has done the trick. If you are comfortable taking things apart you could pop your PSU out and try it.

  Technotiger 17:24 27 Apr 2005

Replacing cpu - I assume you did it like this -

click here

also pay special attention to Graphics Card - remove/reseat.

  Never again 17:50 27 Apr 2005

I had to pop out for a while.

yes - the fans whizz and the power light is on the front - but no signal to the monitor.

arctic silver 5 was used as well.

Do you suggest that I replace the bits in any particular order.

I am going to be here for the next 30 minutes

  Never again 17:56 27 Apr 2005

Processor, hdd, floppy, cd and agp video card all unplugged.

only 1 stick of ram in.

start but no beep.

again with a second stick of ram to replace it - no beep.

This pc is a self build so I'm going to see if a speaker is attached somewhere?

  Never again 18:07 27 Apr 2005

How do i know if it it can get to post?

There is no signal to the monitor.

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