No Backup in Win XP?

  Skeletor 19:26 08 Aug 2003

From time to time I have read in magazines, and also on this forum, about the backup facility in Win XP Home, that it's not installed by default, and that you have to search for it on the supplied CD and install it manually...I've looked everywhere on the "System recovery CD ROM" supplied with the "Advent" machine from PC World. The files mentioned do'nt seem to exist!
Call me cynical, but if I'm right and the backup files are missing, could this be a marketing ploy, that they don't want me
to be able to backup without having to buy another of their products. As the PC was advertised as having "Windows XP Home"
and not "Windows XP Home with bits missing" I expect the entire package. What else is missing? I wonder. Any thoughts,anyone.

P.S. Apologies to Advent If I've got it wrong, and the files are lurking in the hidden depths.

  VoG II 19:29 08 Aug 2003

click here explains how to install backup from a Windows XP disk - that is not the same thing as a recovery disk. Why not ask Advent?

  hugh-265156 19:38 08 Aug 2003

it wont be on the recovery disc.use files and settings transfer wizard instead or use any good burning software like nero for instance.

  Skeletor 20:56 08 Aug 2003

The method you have given I have already tried, but there are no files even resembling Ntbackup.msi. You're right I should try PC World
I know there are plenty of good backup programs around, but my point is that Win xp home bought as a CD ROM has the backup facility and Win XP home as installed by Advent doesn't, and if it doesn't, surely it should be advertised as "WinXP Home but with the odd thing missing" or something similar.

  hugh-265156 21:09 08 Aug 2003

backup is rubbish anyway...honestly.

click start/all programs/accessories/system tools/files and settings transfer wizard

click next/old computer/next/other/browse and select your cd burner or backup partition to save to and click next.then choose what you want to do.

  SEASHANTY 21:50 08 Aug 2003

The latest edition of Partition Magic (v.8) now available at Amazon for £24-99 inc. VAT comes for a limited period with the software "Datakeeper" also in the retail box. This will automatically maintain continuous backups of any files you wish. Amazon also have free postage for anything over £25 so that odd penny is going to catch you out unless you also purchase something else!

  GroupFC 22:49 08 Aug 2003

Back up isn't on a recovery disk. I did manage to find a site from which it could be downloaded at click here, oif you really must have it!

  Skeletor 23:36 08 Aug 2003

Thanks for the replies folks.
Seems like the Win XP backup is no great shakes anyway, so maybe Advent are right to give it a miss.
Just as a matter of interest I use Acronis True Image, which as a relative newcomer and not totally PC literate I find so easy to use. It's just that when I need to do a backup of a few documents, e-mails, addresses and changes of settings that it becomes a bit of a pain.
I have thought about using the transfer wizard. This might seem like a stupid question, but does it copy the files, as transfer actually means to move, so I bottled it at the last minute.

  GroupFC 23:48 08 Aug 2003

For what it's worth I use the MS back up, for exactly the circumstances that you describe that is when I need to back up a few documents.

I am not one hundred percent certain but I think the transfer wizard actually copies the files rather than moving them (if you think about it if it all goes pear-shaped you would still need the data on the "old" computer).

  Skeletor 23:50 08 Aug 2003


When I click on your "click here" my PC freezes, Ctrl,Alt,Del is the only way out. Has anyone else tried it and had the same problem, if so could you let me know? Then I'll know if I have a gremlin or not. Cheers

  powerless 23:57 08 Aug 2003

It works.

I'll email you the backup if you want? Just click the envelope next to my name.

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