No automatic connection on boot up?

  Dazza40 21:26 27 Aug 2006

I have a lap top and pc connected wirelessly. My problem is when I boot up the PC an icon shows wireless network connection as connected. If I go to IE I get "page not displayed" until I repair the connection when all is OK. I also lose the connection even though signal is OK. Again if I repair then connnection is re-established.
Am running XP on new Phillips MT2400, Speedtouch router and Raillink wireless network card. Lap top is fine so I'm assuming that card is the source of error.

Any ideas?


  ed-0 22:31 27 Aug 2006

can you identify the model of the WiFi chip on the motherboard, don't think it's a raillink, and realtek should be the lan socket. click here

If you can identify it, you could look for an updated driver.

  woodchip 22:33 27 Aug 2006

Check the settings as I had that problem until I changed something

  Dazza40 23:08 27 Aug 2006

Thanks both.
ed-0. Where can I identify this?
woodchip. What settings am I looking for?


  woodchip 23:18 27 Aug 2006

On the computer with the fault, there should be a Wireless icon in the system tray, double click it to see what it brings up. Or right click it

  Dazza40 15:37 28 Aug 2006

Thanks. Mine shows Railink Wireless network card. 2 options launch config and use railink as config utility. I had switched to wireless zero so switched back and seems OK. Looks like the railink software is conflicting with Wireless zero as will now log in immediately.
Is it worth removing the railink software and let wireless zero config do it's job?

  woodchip 22:29 28 Aug 2006

I would leave it and see how it goes if it's not geting in the way, Leave it.

  Dazza40 22:32 28 Aug 2006

OK, took a a gamble based on other threads and after creating a restore point removed the railink software (had to go in to safe mode) and deleted the card, rebooted and did not re-load the software. Touch wood all appears OK. Will leave open while I test over the next few days.
If anybody has anything to add that will help I would be grateful.

  Dazza40 22:41 28 Aug 2006

Sorry Woodchip, hadn't seen your response before having a go.


  Dazza40 18:58 06 Sep 2006

all appears Ok now. Will mark as resolved. Many thanks for your assistance.

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