No audio on DVD playback

  Phil_123321 21:37 10 Nov 2004

Can anyone help? I have a new external DVD drive (Philips Jack Rabbit JR4DVDRW) and use the Nero software that came with the hardware. I run Windows ME. Nero Showtime (v1.5) gives a good quality picture, but the sound slightly lags behind the visual, and is not entirely smooth-sounding - a bit stuttery in places. Audio CD's play perfectly on the Philips JR, and on my internal CD-ROM drive. The free DVD software that comes with Windows ME (started up with the file dvdplay.exe) gives better quality visual than Nero, but no sound at all! I would like to use the dvdplay.exe player - the picture quality is perfect. Can you suggest what I need to do to improve sound on Nero, and especially get (any) sound on the dvdplay.exe player? I can't understand all the technical stuff about codecs - if you think that's the problem, please be kind enough to spell out what I have to do in simple terms. Sorry I'm so thick.

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