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  bev137 01:11 27 Mar 2009

Hi, this is a tough one... well for me at least!

I'm a Councillor and sent an ordinary email (with no attachment) to another Cllr with 4 BCC's to other Cllrs, from my home pc to home and office pc's.

Everyone received the email fine but one of the BCC's received the email (on home pc) with an attachment!

Worse still, when the attachment was opened, it displayed over 500 pages - varying from cute pictures, clip art and snap shots of adverts/logos, ie Google, Google Earth, Argos, Wilko's, DFS, etc to outright triple x pornography!

Obviously, because of the pornographic content and my position, not only is it embarrassing, but has bought me into disrepute with the Council.

I can 100% hand on heart say the porn is not from my pc.

I have viewed the attachment and it's true, there are some hair-raising pictures!

The person who received the "spurious" attachment uses Outlook Express - I use Outlook. I'm not sure what virus protection (if any) they use - I use Avast.

I have a suspicion all the pictures/snap shots are off their own computer, but I have to prove that.

My reasoning behind this is, one of the cute pics is one I'd sent previously; They're decorating hence Argos, Wilko's, etc; Her Sister lives in Singleton, Australia, hence the snap shot of Singleton on Google Earth and they mentioned over 6 months ago they'd "caught" their partner viewing sex sites.

Fortunately, I have my original email in my sent items which proves no attachment was sent, but my head is in the noose.

I have a reputation to uphold, but have already been branded - it doesnt take long for word to get around and once the mud sticks....!!!!

I face the firing squad in about 12 hours time... any help would be greatly appreciated.


  eedcam 08:54 27 Mar 2009

Dont doubt your innocence but it seems as if it is not possible for ony one person to get the attachement even the Main 'TO' recipient so if you can prove the others did not get it dont see how they can here
Also wild shot can you check the Path of their email any chance they may have added the attachement and are doing this maliciously

  bev137 11:48 27 Mar 2009

Hi and thanks for the quick response, even though it doesn't get me off the hook completely.

I had wondered about the "malicious" element you mentioned, but I saw the email on their computer with the same date and time stamp as everyone else, so I assume from that, it couldn't have been tampered with... unless you know a way it could be done, without changing those details? No disrespect to the person who received the email with "spurious" attachment, but I doubt they'd have the where-with-all to even attempt this, although it cannot be ruled out.

I would still appreciate any help from anyone even after my "facing the music" in exactly 2 hrs time! I need to get to the bottom of this for obvious reasons.

  provider 2 12:31 27 Mar 2009

I`m intrigued by this but, after Googling a bit, I`m still none the wiser as to how this can have happened.

I think the main thing, though, is that only one instance of this attachment has happened, which suggests the malfunction is limited to that one computer.

Would it be possible to run MalwareBytes Antimalware (free) on that computer and see what it comes up with?

  provider 2 12:39 27 Mar 2009
  emily3543 13:41 27 Mar 2009

the problem is not in your end. it may be problem in receiver end because same mail got the other persons without attachment. it may be receiver computer is infected and it treat this mail as Spam and this thing could happen with a Spam mail.
you can show them your send mail on your system's send item. No one could not blame you for this.

  bev137 19:44 27 Mar 2009

Well... to all interested parties, I still have my head... albeit, it took some long, lengthy and heated discussions to convince them I was innocent... and having said that, one or two of them are still skeptical and baying for my blood!

Argh! I wonder what it's like to be popular? lol

But back to the "problem" and to confuse matters further, I've found out the following:-

One of the Bcc's sent to the Office (recd with no attachment), when forwarded to the Clerks home pc... you've guessed it... had an attachment!!!! At least her attachment when opened, did not contain any offensive material.

So I'm strongly convinced the pictures people are seeing in the attachments are pictures, web sites, etc, they have visited, ie, content from their own Internet Explorer.

So convinced in fact, I offered them my computer to take away for analysis by a computer expert and even offered to take it to the Police myself so a full and thorough investigation into this "crime" could be conducted.

Unfortunately, the person who received the original email with spurious attachment would not allow me (or anyone else) to run a search for .jpgs on their pc, which I suspect would reveal more than they'd like people to see! And said, "No, I'm going to take it to a friend who's a computer genius, he'll get to the bottom of this".

I really hope he does, coz I'm totally at a loss along with many who are reading this thread.

I would still value any comments, opnions, ideas or suggestions in order to put this baby to bed once and for all.

Thanks again to those who responded and to anyone reading this (who might find it helpful if the same thing ever happens to them).

Its been a real eye opener... in many respects ;-)


PS: The 2 recipients of the attachment both run Norton AV.

  Simsy 20:32 27 Mar 2009

but I wonder if your original email is in html format and inadvertantly contains a hyperlink to a "typical" path, e.g. "Temp Internet Files", which some of the recipients may have and some may not...

The ones that do have such a path may have several pics which might be displayed, and these pics will vary according to each PC... those that don't , or have the folder with no pics, will not see the images.

As I say, I'm clutching at straws!!

Good luck,



  eedcam 22:42 27 Mar 2009

Glad you got some kind of a reprieve Just wondering have you done a thorough virus and spyware scan on the off chance you are embedding a trigger that sets this off.I'd go long with your theory it is there own pics that are involved but to create an attatchment ? whats your IT dept say about this

  bev137 18:22 05 May 2009

Thanks to everyone who responded to this thread.

EEDCAM - we do not have an IT dept... just an office with one employee and a computer. There are 11 Councillors who mostly work from home using their own PC's (or snail mail in some cases!)

Also, I ran full Anti Virus, Malware and Spyware checks on my own PC, which all concluded my PC was clean with no virus, malware, spyware or anything else.

In my opinion, I cannot do anymore than I've already done, ie:-

- I can prove categorically, only one email with 4 BCC's (with no attachment) was sent

- I have the original email with date and time stamp - everyone who received it has the same date and time stamp too, so no "dubious" second email with illicit content attachment!

- In front of all Councillors, I offered to run a search for .jpgs to prove there was no illicit or indecent pictures on my pc or attached to my internet explorer history

- I offered for my PC and the recipients to be taken to the Police for full investigation - this offer was declined by the recipient

Thanks again for the help you've given, but I would value any comments/suggestions from anyone else as we're still unable to find how one person received an attachment?

But from opinions given and information from other PC people, it does seem to conclude that the content of the "spurious attachment" does link to the recipients own internet explorer history and nothing to do with me, but trying to convince the "not-so-computer-minded" is another story!


  john bunyan 18:38 05 May 2009

Sympathy for your position.
As an ex arbitrator - albeit in a totally different field, maybe you and (in particular the attachment recipient) could agree to let this be looked into by a local indepenant computer expert (maybe a software repair shop) who for a modest fee could examine the computers and give an unbiased opinion. This should not cost too much (my local shop has a minimum of less than £50).I wonder if someone on this forum would help, but clearly you won't want to declare your location here. Maybe an e mail to FE to see if he knows someone in your area. Good luck!!

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