No application found for this file

  Ankermi31 17:59 01 Feb 2008

The programme from an educational DVD has been installed on my computer (Windows XP) However when I place the DVD in the drive to play one of the videos a message says No application found for this file.

By going into the programme file where all the files and various video icons are I can launch a video which comes up with InterVideo Win DVD4. This has always been on the computer but there has been no cause to use it.

The DVD has a series of DVDs as well as inter active material on it. It needs to be played from its menu and not via the above method for obvious reasons. I also have Windows MediaPlayer from which other DVD educational videos launch. Can you help me?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:34 01 Feb 2008

My computer - tools -folder options - file types

scroll down choose the file extension and assign it to the video player of your choice (media player or Intervideo)

  Ankermi31 09:02 02 Feb 2008

Thanks Fruit Bat, I have found the list of file extensions that you mention, however sorry it does not make sense to me about assigning it to my DVD Video clip. The sequence how is is activated is as [email protected]

a) Place in D drive
(b) The front screen arrives with three options, instal software (already done) RUN and BROWSE>
(c) If I click on RUN I then have to select the video clip on the left hand side. As soon as I do this I get the warning message as you know.
(d) If I enter BROWSE this contains all the programme file folders it is from here I can activate some of the video clips which open into the InterVideo. But these default into the first one each time.

Can you give me any further advice please. I am not a computer wizard so simplicity please!


  johnnyrocker 09:41 02 Feb 2008

allocate the player which is to play it eventually, how you get there does not really matter.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:07 02 Feb 2008

1.In File manager (My computer), right click on the file and choose Open With->Other... from the menu that appears. A list of applications appears.

2.Select the default application you want for the file type. If the application is not on the list, use the Add button to add the application to the list.

3.Select the Remember application association for this type of file checkbox. Click Ok to apply your changes.

  Ankermi31 16:56 02 Feb 2008

Hi Fruit Bat, you are being very accurate thank you. Unfortunately it will not work. Maybe I am not explaining properly.

What you have instructed is fine with text and photos.

However this particular dvd just has its Code S180 in the main menu with DVD guide on the side. When you open the DVD guide you then have to play the dvd to activate the dvd programme and its contents. When I right click on the DVD guide it merely gives me the usual options of Open, send to etc, NOT WHAT you want me to do.

I have looked at another DVD used for another course and because it is all loaded I can allocate the player no problems by rightclicking on its code no and this automatically plays in Media Player..

What would happen if the InterVideo was off loaded would that cause further problems?

Have run registry mechanic there is an error in macromedia/flash player. I do have the programme on dvd. Would it be ok just to put this programme on over the top of the existing one knowing how troublesome IE7 can get??

  Ankermi31 21:40 07 Feb 2008

OK Guys, the fault appears to be with the University who for some unknown reason have burnt these dvds with something daft on them.

Apparently the fault was known some 6 months ago but its been ignored.

Anyway have tweaked around and followed your instructions and now everything is working ok albeit not the way it should!

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