No access to internet but have wireless connection

  Evolution 14:32 09 Nov 2008


My son is suddenly unable to access the internet through either his BT Yahoo default browser (he can't log on) or Internet Explorer.(Internet Explorer cannot display the Webpage error)

He has a strong wireless connection and indeed can view and access other computers which are on our home network. They can also see his laptop.

That tells me the router and his wireless connection are fine.

All other network computers can access the internet and that includes BT Yahoo, so that rules out an ISP issue.

I've run Network Diagnostics for XP and the log tells me that an HTTP connection cannot be established.

Am currently running an AV check.

Any ideas what has caused this and how to fix it please?



  kindly 14:46 09 Nov 2008

I am not very experienced on these maters but have you disabled the firewall on that computer. Try unpluging the modem for a minute or so them try again. This is what I have to do when my desktop does not connect but my laptop does.
Sorry I got no more better advice for you.

  Toneman 14:50 09 Nov 2008

Tried a "Repair"?

  Evolution 14:51 09 Nov 2008

Hi Toneman,

Yes tried a repair and also removed the wireless connection and added again but no joy either way.


  cocteau48 14:59 09 Nov 2008

You could try running Winsock:
click here

  Evolution 09:47 10 Nov 2008


Have run AV scan (Norton), Spybot S&D, Registry Mechanic, tried winsock fix and no joy.

Have bypassed the wireless network and tried wired route but the same issue remains so that rules out any issue with wireless settings / router settings etc.

Obviously IE / the registry has been corrupted somehow.

Have tried to reinstall IE 7 but won't complete the installation.

Any more ideas?



  brundle 09:54 10 Nov 2008

Check firewall, reset TCP/IP, reboot.
click here

  brundle 09:56 10 Nov 2008

Do all troubleshooting using a wired connection first.

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