no 80 conductor cable installed?

  mark3110 08:36 03 Jan 2003
  mark3110 08:36 03 Jan 2003

Hi People

I have just installed a new DVD ROM (A Liteon which replaces a 3 year old Pioneer) and now get a message during POST "No 80 conductor cable installed". Everything seems to be working Ok but I don't like messages like that. Any suggestions?

Athlon 2200xp
MSI Ultra 6380E



That's weird that you should write this, because I have just started getting the same message.

I installed a 60Gb disk drive about 4 weeks ago, but I'm sure that the message has only been showing for a few days.

As per you, everything seems to be working okay.

P4 2Ghz XP 512Mb.

I just found this. It seems to imply that we need to change one of the IDE cables.

click here

I also found this extract

"make sure that the 40 pin 80 conductor cable has the blue end plugged into the motherboard and the black end is plugged into the HD"

It could be that you have the right cable, but it is just plugged in the wrong way round.

  €dstow 09:11 03 Jan 2003

Almost certainly the cable is the wrong way round.

Don't leave it wrong like this - you may get more serious errors being reported and, worse, unable to boot up.


  €dstow 09:14 03 Jan 2003

N.B. If it isn't the wrong way round then you may well have a 40 conductor cable. You should replace it if that is the case.

Note an 80 conductor cable does only have 40 pins but it is the arrangement of the pins/cable that is the vital consideration.


I'll swap the cable round tonight.

Why does it make a difference which way round the cable goes?

  Djohn 09:17 03 Jan 2003

Yes you are correct, the new 80 strand cables are colour coded and generally are *blue.M/board, black to hard drive or CDrom, and the middle one is usually grey and is for secondary connection for slave H/drive or slave CD rom*.

  €dstow 09:19 03 Jan 2003

There is a twist in the connections which allows the computer to detect what is connected where for master/slave combinations and in cable select it allows cable select to function.


  €dstow 09:21 03 Jan 2003

Sorry, pressed response too soon - - -

If the twist is in the wrong place i.e. if the cable is the wrong way round, the operating system see it as incorrect and tries to compensate hence the message - it only sees it as a 40 conductor cable.


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