nLite - An interesting idea

  powerless 21:41 14 Jul 2004

Currently nLite is in beta form at version 0.97 however I've had troubles with this version so I'm using an older version at 0.94. The use of this application would probably only be used once. But as nLite is not even over 1MB in size it's worth a look isn't it?

Well yes and no; for an application that is under 1MB, to run it you also need to have the .NET framework installed which is just over 20MB. If you have this installed already, then you’re all set. If you don't, then installing the .NET framework might seem stupid for nLite which itself is under 1MB.

But I’ll try and tempt you...

What does nLite do? Well take a look at the contents of your Windows XP CD through the Windows Explorer. You'll probably notice the size of what you see does not go over 600MB. But when you install Windows XP it takes around 1.5GB of space? The reason for this is that everything is compressed within *.CAB files. When Windows XP installs, the contents of the *.CAB files are extracted [Think of them as *.ZIP folders]. By default pretty much everything that Windows XP has to offer will be installed, but do you actually use it all? If you do then GREAT!!

If you don't then wouldn't it be great if it wasn't installed in the first place? Well this is where nLite comes in. nLite allows you to choose which components get installed...So for example if you don't use Internet Explorer, then choose not to have it installed. Many services, applications, drivers cannot be installed in the first place.

Still interested?

What's great about nLite is that it is easy to use, easy to understand and pretty much everything is explained. It's not for the beginner as Drivers can be chosen not to be installed so you'll have to have all of your updated drivers to hand to install. There are more advanced options so if you don't know what to do with them, just ignore them.

nLite also allows for the slipstreaming of Service Pack 2 and it's too easy to do, as nLite takes care of it all.

Anyway you choose the components, then an *.ISO file is created and you burn it to CD. You then install Windows XP as normal but without all of the components you selected. You should find that the total space occupied for the Windows XP Installation is allot smaller than it would have been.

When the *.ISO file is created all of the components that you chose not to be installed are not included in this file, so this *.ISO file can also vary in size.

Only one use? Well you could experiment with nLite see how small a Windows XP installation can actually be. If you have access to Virtual PC 2004 or VMWARE then you have an advantage in that you do not need to burn the *.ISO file to a CD. If you don't have one of them, then you would have to burn a CD for each *.ISO and install it as "usual"...

As an example nLite has created an *.ISO file of 149MB.

nLite is a great tool that you can use how you want...

But if you’re happy with what you already have then nLite is not for you.

Oh! You should also find that Windows XP installs allot faster.

Still a beta but check it out if you want click here

[...and i'm not connected with nLite in anyway but just recommended it as it might be useful]

Up to you.

  wee eddie 21:49 14 Jul 2004

flecc involved by any chance.

Sounds like his scene!

  powerless 21:52 14 Jul 2004

Nope not his, although i did tell him about it a few days ago. Me thinks he was impressed.

This is like the opposite of what flecc did but to acheive the samething....i think.

  Newuser38 22:49 14 Jul 2004

Funny you should start this thread and mention our old friend I started this thread tonite on XPlite click here I will have a look at nLite.

  wee eddie 22:56 14 Jul 2004

"As an example nLite has created an *.ISO file of 149MB."

One assumes that with a bit of care you could strip out the requirement to register!

I can't imagine what you would do then.

  powerless 19:21 15 Jul 2004

Registration is optional ;-))

Activation, i very much doubt the makers would do that.

  Newuser38 20:46 15 Jul 2004

I cant get the download to work even using a download manager, have there been problems as far as you know?

  powerless 19:15 18 Jul 2004

Yes, on the site it mentions to use a DM as well, ummm...

I could send you version 0.94 if you want.

  powerless 19:19 18 Jul 2004

...and in saying that i've just got 0.97 to run.

  Newuser38 20:26 18 Jul 2004


Thanks for the offer I shall try again. I have been having problems in downloading other programs. If I would like a copy I will ask, again many thanks.

  powerless 21:19 18 Jul 2004

Well 0.97 has had a make over compared 0.94.

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