NIS won't load

  Rhuddlan 12:58 04 Jul 2004

When trying to load NIS 2003 from the start menu or destop it won't load. It also doesn't load as a startup item in the taskbar. It is configured to in msconfig, but refuses to. The comp has been restarted but that doesn't seem to help. My web search and a program called smiliey central for msn messenger has recentley been downloaded and installed, would this have anything to do with it? Regards, Rhuddlan.

  safemode 13:03 04 Jul 2004


do you expect somebody to be able to help from the limited details you have provided???

  Rhuddlan 13:09 04 Jul 2004

Sorry but I thought I had provided enough details there. The OS is windows xp home. This problem has only been occuring since msn 6.2 was installed, it works fine with 6.1. MSN 6.2 won't load either, saying in the troublshooter that NIS 2003 is stopping it from loading.

  Rhuddlan 13:41 04 Jul 2004

Will uninstalling 6.2 and installing 6.1, also uninstalling the my web search and smiley central make any difference?, regards, Rhuddlan.

  PSF 16:12 04 Jul 2004

It could be something corrupt in NIS 2003. Smiley Central is spyware that could be interfering with it. Did you read the terms and conditions from Smiley Central. :-(

You could un-install Smiley Central, Un-install NIS 2003 search your hard drive for Symantec files, delete all of them and then re-install NIS 2003. Do all your updates and it will be a fresh start for NIS 2003.

  THE TERMINATOR 16:51 04 Jul 2004

Your firewall is stopping msn 6.2 from accessing the web, you will need to enable it to do so....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 16:57 04 Jul 2004

I had the same prob with msn 6.2, I uninstalled it and then download it again and re-install it....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 17:01 04 Jul 2004

when you have done the above try installing NIS 2003 again (do not uninstall it, install on top)....TT

  Rhuddlan 17:33 04 Jul 2004

Thanks for the help, I have already uninstalled NIS 2003, it has been reinstalled and still isn't loading. MSN Messenger 6.1 has now been installed instead of 6.2, this still doesn't seem to be working, nor does msn explorer. And no i didn't read the terms and conditions for smiliey central, I have uninstalled that now, spybot found fun web products from smiley central, so I will scan my system again and install spywareblaster, I will post back with any devolpments, regards, Rhuddlan.

  PSF 19:04 04 Jul 2004

When you re-installed NIS2003 if you do not remove all the Symantec files the configuration settings are not removed, and so the installation will still have problems. I found that is the best way to re-install NIS 2002/3/4

  Rhuddlan 22:38 04 Jul 2004

I have now installed Zone alarm 5.0 and AVG 6.0, uninstalled NIS 2003 and installed msn messenger 6.2. The new firewall and antivirus software works fine and is up to date, but now msn messenger 6.2 won't sign in, it loads and when signing in a message appears saying that the user name or password is incorrect, but it isn't. And when attempting to check my hotmail e mails through msn explorer, it says signing in but then goes through 5 attempts of signing in and gives up, any ideas to why msn explorer and messenger are behaving like this? Regards, Rhuddlan.

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