NIS Live Update failure

  Southernboy 22:38 27 Aug 2005

Have had an update of 2409Kb hanging around for weeks on my son's computer. Everytime we try to download and install, it seems to work except that there is a warning message that 'virtual memory is low and the Windows is increasing it'. NIS then reports that it has been successfully installed.

Then, the next time we go to Live Update, there it is again, waiting to be installed! We have tried to install this update 15 times, and the 15 times it reappears the next time we access Live Update.

Presumably the virtual memory is the problem - does anyone know how we can fix it and get the darned thing installed?

  Southernboy 22:40 27 Aug 2005

Demonstrates how carefully I read this site - have only just discovered this forum. Clearly, this is my spiritual home!

  wiz-king 09:53 28 Aug 2005

First check the obvious, that the prog is registerd and that it is in date. Then clearout the Windows temp folder and IE temp folder. I then used the programs helpfull knowlege base to work through the multipages of help. I had a couple of updates get 'stuck' and had to reinstall NIS. I sent a couple of emails to the helpservice and was pleased with the reponce I got from them.

  Southernboy 17:51 30 Aug 2005

The program IS registered and my sone only recently paid the renewal charge on-line.

  Ancient Learner 21:19 30 Aug 2005

There are some here, including myself, who have recently ditched all things Norton, and now have a much better life!

I replaced my Norton AV with NOD32 and with CounterSpy, along with the standard Ad-Aware, Zone Alarm and SpyBot, feel adequately protected.

  sunny staines 17:13 31 Aug 2005

I have had refusual earlier this year. In the end I had to uninstall all norton products and reinstall [found this on the norton knowledge base] afterwards all worked ok.

  Southernboy 21:34 01 Sep 2005

I appreciate your views, but my son has just paid his renewal, so needs to get this program working.

  Ancient Learner 15:39 02 Sep 2005

I had only two months before bought the whole of System Works Pro 2005. I was more than glad to ditch the whole sorry mess.

  mark2 11:05 03 Sep 2005

I recently had the virtual memory error with a different program, the only cure I found for it was to uninstall/reinstall the offending program.

  Southernboy 13:59 01 Oct 2005

Sorry for delay. Have been in hospital.

I also had a virtual memory warning, but got round this by increasing the VM to install this. All went OK, and I returned the VM to original size.

The next time I looked, the darned upgrade was still OS! I am at a loss to know what to do next.

  shizzy 22:03 01 Oct 2005

Cut your losses and save all the hassle with Norton as we did. Get free version of AVG.

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