nis 2006 or ?

  iqs 19:18 14 Mar 2006

Hi All,My subscription with NIS 2005 has just come to an end.I was going to buy NIS 2006,but is there a better free firewall/antivirus available which is just as reliable,with regular updates ?.Cheers,Mike ; )

  VoG II 19:22 14 Mar 2006

AVG click here

ZA click here

Plus the usual anti-spyware click here click here click here click here

  Ade_1 19:28 14 Mar 2006

personally i would stay away from Norton , i personally have had bad experiances, one being that it completely messed up my wireless internet connection. Currently i am using Avast Home Edition click here and ZoneAlarm. If you feel hapier buying an anti virus i would personally suggest McAfee due to its recent good reports. But i have had no problem with Avast and ZoneAlarm i think these provide adaquet cover against viruses and hackers.

  anskyber 19:33 14 Mar 2006

Certainly endorse the recommendations above. If you want a paying version I have used ZoneAlarm with great success. Heres a review click here but you do not need to pay as much as the suggestions from the review. Its not invasive and since using it I have found that AdAware (free) and Spybot (free) have found nothing.

  pennyben 19:40 14 Mar 2006

No simple answer as you will see in every forum. It really depends on how you use your pc i.e. if all you do is visit sites like this and your bak etc then a good free av and firewall is great. Avast and Kerio being my prefeered options.

If you visit any dodgy sites then you may need the better protection that a paid av offers. I would include Mcafee, Kaspersky, Nod 32, CA, F Secure.

To try them go to the Microsoft trials page, link below. No reason to buy a firewall though.

click here

Do not forget some of the free antispyware programs are really good including Ewido, Ad Aware and of course Spywareblaster.

Hope this helps.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:45 14 Mar 2006

In my experience a paid for AV provides no better protection than a free one. Get AVG or Avast, there is no need for a home user to pay for an AV and money provides no better protection. With the money saved invest in an external HD...this will be of much more use than faffing around and paying money in the hope of 'better' protection.


  pennyben 19:56 14 Mar 2006

As Gandalf says....

I say again, depends on what you do with your machine and you can argue until the cows come home - in general good paid for AV's are superior to the frees. But as I said it all depends on what you want.

Below is a good comparison test:

click here

  iqs 19:38 17 Mar 2006

Hello and a big thanks to you all.Many different opinions and recommendations.I'm still not sure which one to use,but at least I know which software to consider.Cheers,Mike

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