NIS 2005 Update problem

  Angry Kid 18:28 12 Apr 2006

I wonder if someone is able to shed any light on a problem my father has?

He is currently running NIS 2005 and has not received any updated virus definitions etc from Symantec for around two weeks. He has tried to see if the auto updater has been changed but this appears up to date. He has also gone on the Symantec site and gone through the trouble shooting areas of the site and followed their instructions. After doing this, it informs him that he has a Firewall issue. Once again this has been checked and all Symantec software has been granted the correct permissions.

He is now getting desperate and concerned as his antivirus is now not up to date.

Good old Norton!!!!

I look forward to hearing some of your views/thoughts.

Thanks as always

Angry ;)

  Angry Kid 22:10 12 Apr 2006


  remind 22:15 12 Apr 2006

Has he run liveupdate manually?

  VoG II 22:16 12 Apr 2006

Download AVG click here

Disconnect from the internet.

Remove Norton - this may require click here=

And finally install AVG. If he wants a firewall as well click here

  Angry Kid 22:53 12 Apr 2006

Thanks for your post.

When he opens up Norton and clicks on 'Live Update' it says welcome to 'Live Update Express'. It then runs through the process of previously loaded files and then says that all Symantec products are up to date. However, this is not true, as he can see there have been recent virus definition updates from the Symantec site.

VoG™....Thanks for your post also. He may well turn to your option if he gets no joy.

  remind 22:58 12 Apr 2006

Perhaps a total removal and re-installation of Norton would fix it?
I would concur with VoG™, but recommend Avast (click here) if your father is on dial-up, the updates are much smaller.
If he is on dial-up the re-install for Norton will be a pain, the last time I had to do that there were 22mb of updates.

  Angry Kid 23:07 12 Apr 2006

Unfortunately, he is unable to lay his hands on the disk, so this is out of the question. He is on BB 2mb.

He is now running the autofix tool and is getting the message saying it is not responding. Is this pointing to a corrupt definitions file or a bug with the main software?

Thank you for your continued postings.

Angry ;)

  remind 23:40 12 Apr 2006

I take it your father has paid for a years subscription to Norton? If it's over 6 months just ditch it, and follow previous posts. If it's not over 6 months can you contact Norton by phone without incurring huge phone-bills? This sort of problem crops up again and again in this forum and others - if there was a simple answer I'm sure Norton/Symantec would have posted it on their website.

  Angry Kid 11:43 16 Apr 2006

He has 7 months to go on his current subscription and has contacted Symantec on a couple of additional issues. One of them is regarding the matter saying his subscription was out of date (Grr) and the other was related to a response he had received from them earlier, prior to this posting.

I will post again once he has anymore news.

Thanks again.

Angry ;)

  Angry Kid 15:03 17 Apr 2006

Still no further news from Symantec.

He is contemplating following VoG™/remind's recommendations. One of his queries is "Can I disable Norton AntiVirus and Firewall, but download another Antivirus/firewall program?

Will they clash even though they are deactivated.

He is not wishing to remove Norton until he has heard back from Symantec.

Personally, I believe he will just remove Norton sooner rather than later due to outdated definitions and security issues plus the annoyance of Norton.

  Angry Kid 18:40 21 Apr 2006

My father has finally removed Norton and is currently trying some of the free progs.

Thanks to evryone who posted.

Angry ;)

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