nis 07 & avg spyware

hi, have made a lot of changes to pc, gfx card psu, installation of norton ghost, recenly in stalled and now temp removed avg free spyware ( with 20 day trial of full version, have experienced problems with shortcuts ie no disc in drive f messages over the last 24 hours so removed avg and restored system all seems ok,
so am a bit dubias about reinstalling avg as it seems to conflict with something, im guessing nis2007, so has anyone else had problems or would turning off auto updates help as this is when my problems seem to have started.
tia adam

  Technotiger 13:21 09 Dec 2006

Hi, I would very much suspect AVG/Norton clashing. Personally, I would ditch Norton in preferrence for AVG.

have just rebuilt my system, after 2 weeks with za and avg, so think i'll stay as one of the few remaining norton fans as have never had problems with it, avg site states compatibilty, but with 06 version so im guessing they havnt tried the new version yet.
thanks for quick response

  Jimmy14 13:26 09 Dec 2006

Symantec recommends no other security program be installed alongside the internet security 2007 program because they will clash.

that would explain things jimmy14, i still use ad aware se as a stand alone, just to do occasional scan, doesnt seem to conflict, what do you think of new updates on nis?

  Jimmy14 13:41 09 Dec 2006

out of interest have you got the add on pack that you may have downloaded from symantec installed?. I have like 20 days left on my 2006 subscription but I have already got 2007 waiting to be opened. Excellent product and much faster than 2006 because I had a try.

yep got the add on, i have looked (very hard) to find another security suite that takes up less resourses than 07 and cannot, which made me wonder if the security is good but havnt had any problems with it so far (2 months & 4 with 06)have you noticed the changes to live update? thoughts? and how come you dont use free upgrade to 07 now?

  Jimmy14 13:49 09 Dec 2006

I did use the free update to 07 the day it came out but the new fraud detection bar clashed with internet explorer 7 beta I think and so I just went back to 2006 till its up. Do you find it takes up less resources than 2006? I can't remember what the live update was like but I will post my thoughts as soon as I install it.

its more like a squared now it searchs 3rd party data bases and updates any time you use it, i run 07,ie7, macafee site adv, and have canon easy print tool bar, never any problems, when i installed the add on it asked me if i wanted nis anti phishing as default i checked yes and it has turned off ie7 one

  birdface 14:12 09 Dec 2006

Not had any problems with it,Shortcuts,No disc in Drive,Messages,Of course it was AVG's fault,Sounds like just the start of your problems,Having used Norton,And not being a great fan,I think that a lot of the problems on here ,Are to do with Norton or IE7,Get rid of those two and everything should work a lot better,Now not having tried Norton 2007 I cannot compare it, But anything had to be better than the 2005 version.

well the problems started 40 minutes after installing avg so im guessing conflict, nis07 is streets ahead of 06 version nuch more hands off and completly user friendly for beginers like myself,
problem occured whilst norton was scanning i had a bubble adv avg has auto updated you are now protected against......
i have since looked in nis log and it blocked comms with avg and my problem started directly after that, however everything seems back to normal now

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