Nintendo WiFi V Router Possible Security problems?

  [email protected] 16:44 28 Sep 2006

I have a Netgear DG834GT Router which currently has a WPA password.
I have a PSP and a Nintendo DS on both of which I would like to use the wifi facilities.
Both the PSP and the Ds can only use WEP protected networks. Should I "downgrade" security on my network to WEP in order to use both, or buy a nintendo USB WiFi connector just for the two gaming devices?
If I did the latter would it work having to wireless devices on one PC?
I am very confused!! Thanks!

  ade.h 16:48 28 Sep 2006

Bear in mind that I'm not a gamer, so my priorities are different, but I would not entertain the idea of using WEP! click here
and you'll see why.

I would guess that the PSP, being handheld, is wifi only, but does the DS have an Ethernet port? Or is the USB adapter the only other option?

  [email protected] 16:56 28 Sep 2006

Thanks! I wasn't keen on WEP which is why I asked. The DS is also WiFi, but you can buy a little "WiFi" router (can't think how else to put it!) the blurb says:-
Connect your Nintendo DS wirelessly to the world of online gaming.
Plug WiFi Max into any internet enabled PC to create a high speed wireless access point. WiFi Max provides a true wireless 'G' access point, 5 times faster than a standard WiFi connection. You can connect multiple consoles and even other WiFi devices including laptops and PDAs.
The Max looks exactly the same as the one sold for the PSP so I'm hoping it is the same thing for both!

  [email protected] 17:02 28 Sep 2006

Would my PC upstairs connected to the router by ethernet cable be considered an internet enabled PC? I'm presuming the laptop which picks up the signal from the router would not be?

  ade.h 17:04 28 Sep 2006

Yes, they're both internet enabled in the sense that they have internet access. I assume you are thinking of using one as a gateway for this access point thingy?

  [email protected] 17:08 28 Sep 2006

Yes, I don't mind which as essentially the signal comes from the router upstairs anyway. What is confusing me is this, If I have the router on WPA security, would the "thingy" which is WEP be recognisable to the gaming devices? Would it still get the signalf rom the WPA router??(I'm not explaining myself very well here, I know what I'm trying to say!!)

  ade.h 17:30 28 Sep 2006

If the Nintendo access point uses WEP, and you connect it to - let's say - the desktop PC and shared the internet connection through it, there would be two potential problems with this:

Firstly, you would need to be confident about bridging network adapters and enabling ICS on them - you may need a second Ethernet adapter in this particular scenario - and this creates some hazards with IP assignment and things like that. ICS doesn't work very well with a routed network.

Secondly, you would in effect be creating a WEP-protected wireless entry point to your entire LAN. Which would not be wise. You can do some work with security policies and (some) firewalls to minimise access, but as you can imagine, that is not easy or guaranteed to work as expected. I wouldn't want to take this on!

  ade.h 17:34 28 Sep 2006

Depending on how sophisticated your router's firewall is, and whether it is happy to have an access point attached to it, it may be possible to connect the access point to the router and then restrict its access to the rest of the LAN. In effect, to isolate it.

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