Nikon & XP

  furryboo 20:43 23 Jan 2004

Just bought a Nikon 4300 Digital Camera, managed to download photos onto my computer, why will Windows Picture and Fax Viewer not open them in their downloaded state-jpeg, but will open fine if converted into either Tiff or Bitmap format. Is there a way to convert easily. Can you recommend a better editor - Photo Express ?

  Tony_B 21:16 23 Jan 2004

Try getting Paint Shop Pro. I have PSP 7 Anniversery which you might be able to get cheap now that is been superceeded. It only cost me £35.

Its a comprehensive program that will open most picture file types without any trouble no matter what camera they came from.

  PA28 21:38 23 Jan 2004

I don't have any problem opening jpegs in Windows Picture viewer if I want to - although I use Photoshop for most purposes. Is it that your file associations are directing another application for this file type?

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