Nikon digital camera and Win xp pro

  hvs 17:49 15 Aug 2003

Help please. I have Win xp pro and I have tried everything that I possibly can to transfer pics from the camera to the computer. I have always encountered this same problem when installing the device on Win 98 se as well.When the scanner and camera wizard is selected and the properties is clicked on, a window comes up and it says there are no propeties. In device manager I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver using the Nikon view 4.3.1 (but this never worked on my prvious os Win 98 se had to download a driver from the Nikon site). When I downloaded the driver for the coolpix 775 which is recommended, win xp says that if I carry on with installation of this driver it may cause problems with my PC.
Can anyone help?
Thank you .

  hssutton 18:01 15 Aug 2003

You could go ahead and download the driver. or you could take the best route and buy a card reader click here prices start @ £10

  minter 19:51 15 Aug 2003

I have a Nikon 950 and XP Pro.

I bought a USB CF card reader because this was the simplest way of doing things. I got fed up waiting for the pics to download direct from the camera.

It is so quick compared to direct from the camera (seconds instead of minutes), and it saves a lot of hassle with the batteries.

I install NikonView 5.0.1 and it is not supposed to work with the 950 (it was brought out for the 995 and above), but it does.

I get the same warning as yourself, but just keep on and install the program.

Make sure that the camera is NOT connected while you install the program.

  3tg 20:29 15 Aug 2003

I have just bought the Nikon 3100, and I use a card reader, it is so much easier. I have the 6 in 1 reader, so I can use other type memory card in it, as my other camera uses Smartmedia. Cheers

  Wilham 20:51 15 Aug 2003

I have a 6 in 1 mem card read/write from 7dayshop at 15-99+ post. Can also be used as a pen card mem. It works with both usb1 and 2. Disadvantage is that PC (or PCs) need driver pre-installed from the supplied CD. I'm happy I got it instead of a pen-mem, -a good buy in my opinion.

  hvs 22:21 15 Aug 2003

Thanks to all of you who answered my plea for help. I think under the circumstamces the card reader would be the better option. It's just not worth the hours of struggle!

  hvs 10:51 16 Aug 2003

One question. I use a 4 port usb hub for extras such as adsl modem etc. I know that some scanners eg. my Canon scannner will only work connected to the usb root hub! In this case could I plug the card reader into this usb hub? I don't have any free usb ports on my computer case left to use.
Help would be very much appreciated as I intend to buy one this morning!

  minter 13:05 16 Aug 2003

Yes, you can run a CF card reader from your USB Hub.

Done it, bin there!!

Good luck!

  3tg 10:05 17 Aug 2003

That is where I plug in my card reader, very handy ! enjoy your pics. cheers

  hvs 16:10 17 Aug 2003

Thanks to both Minter and 3tg for your help. I have solved the problem of the camera not being recognised by the pc. Went to a friends house who was able to help! Plug in camera,switch on ,Click on my computer, click on removable disc (g) in my case and bobs your uncle! Well, I was very happy, but card reader definitely on the cards!
Thanks once again.


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