NIKON D80..... What do you think of it?

  MAJ 10:16 10 Dec 2007

Has anyone got one? What do you think of it, in use? I have read the reviews (especially the review in PCA) and it looks promising, but would like some feedback from a user if possible please. Would you have gone for some other camera in hindsight, or is it everything it's made out to be? Any drawbacks?

  Ikelos 10:50 10 Dec 2007

for my bit, if it is Nikon it is good, i have the D100 and the FS4, and the brace of Nikon lenses to go with them. all top stuff.

  MAJ 11:02 10 Dec 2007

I agree about Nikon, Ikelos, all good stuff. I have a friend who is looking to buy a D80 and thought I would check the model out with some of you guys first.

  MAJ 20:17 10 Dec 2007

Bump for the evening photographers.

  paddy75 20:20 10 Dec 2007

MAJ,have a look here,click on forums on the left hand side .Paddy click here

  toenee 20:47 10 Dec 2007

Bought one factory refurbished used a lens of my brother in-law then that broke so bought a sigma 17-125 a very solid camera I bought it after using a friends d50 its better as you would expect. It has more exposure and focus points which makes it a fast and accurate camera yes buy it

  siouxah1 21:03 10 Dec 2007

An excellant camera with lots of third party lens available should you choose not to pay the cost of original lens.
It has all the manual settings you could want. The battery life is good and they are available at lower cost for compatibles from 7Dayshop.
I have used both the D50 and the D80. The picture of the D80 is a little softer than the D50 but does not lack definition. This can be altered by in camera menu.
One thing to consider is the opening of RAW (NEF) files if you intend using this format. The software that comes with the camera will open nef files but in a quite basic manner.
Some graphics software does this as well. Nikon have their own CaptureNX which one would buy extra, unless of course you are in the market for Adobe Photoshop CS.
A fine camera in my opinion.

  MAJ 23:31 10 Dec 2007

No Photoshop CS, but I do have Photoshop 6 (and Photoshop 7 somewhere) so hopefully RAW files are covered, siouxah1. I'm glad you and tonee back up the reviews with real-life experience of the camera, because I did recommend it on PCA's review and have located a (fairly local) source to buy it. Hopefully I can get a few extra quid off the price, or a few extras thrown in when we go to buy it in the next few days.

paddy75, many thanks for the link to the forum, that looks like some good reading later when I finally go to bed.

Many thanks for your replies, extremely helpful, I do appreciate you all taking the time to respond. Will let you know the outcome.

  MAJ 09:48 13 Dec 2007

Bought one yesterday in Jessops, it looks like a great piece of kit. Started haggling with the guy over the price, would you believe it doesn't come with a memory card. I showed my incredulity at that fact and how disappointed I was at having to deline buying it because of that fact, apparently a lot of those digital SLRs are the same. Anyway, after a lot of good-natured banter and laughing (to the amusement of other customers) I managed to get the D80 with 135mm zoom lense, plus a free 2GB card and a free case, 60 free photos and a free cleaning kit, before he threw me out of the shop. Nikon at the moment have a cash-back offer on, so I get another £50 back that way, not a bad deal overall, I think.

I went to Currys first and the guy there wouldn't deal at all, not even a penny off the price. After a talk to the manager on the phone, he said he would give me half price off the card and the case. Big deal, eh?

  ventanas 11:11 13 Dec 2007

You could have a problem with Raw files. Photoshop 6 (and 7) both pre-date the D80 by some years and will have no knowledge of it at all.

If you click here there is a list of all the available Camera Raw plug ins for Photoshop. But getting one of the later versions (that recognises the D80) may not be possible.

Version 3.6 click here is the one that recognises the D80, but states that it is for CS2 or CS3, but as it also supports earlier versions of Elements you may get lucky.
If not you will have to buy the Nikon Capture NX, it's expensive at £120.00, but I think it's worth every penny. ( I have a D200 by the way)

  MAJ 11:34 13 Dec 2007

yes I realised that might be a problem, siouxah1 hinted at it above. I noticed in the box that there is a 30 day trial of Capture NX, so I'll see how that goes (the camera isn't for me, btw, I just bought it) I do have PS Elements around here somewhere, can't remember which version though, so I'll stick that in the box along with the camera and direct the new owner to that link you graciously posted. I looked at the D200 yesterday as well, I'm jealous now, lol........

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