Nikon Coolpix 885 digitacamera and USB connection

  Ben Chuud 17:03 14 Apr 2003

I am unable to transfer my digital photos to my PC. I have loaded the drivers, software, connected the USB cable to the camera and PC, selected the photos and pressed transfer, I get communication error. My PC has WinME and is about 4-5 years old. Is it anything to do with USB 1 or 2. Do I need to get a PCI USB card ??? . Please help

  Diemmess 17:12 14 Apr 2003

From a dismally thin experience basis.

Have you more usb gadgets than ports?

What I am getting at is that I seem to be able to upset my PC if I connect my camera at the same time as a more recently acquired HDD. That may be nonsense but fortunately I don't need both connected at the same time!

  scotty 17:13 14 Apr 2003

The memory card in the camera (compact flash?) is treated like a removable disc by the pc.

When you connect the camera to the pc, load Explorer and look for a new disc drive. Can you see this? If so, can you copy files from the memory card to the pc using explorer?

  Ben Chuud 17:51 14 Apr 2003

No, I dont have anymore USB gadgets, only this one, There are 2 USB ports, no luck with any.

Re looking for a new disc drive, I will give that a try..

Any other suggestions most wellcome

  Diemmess 20:10 14 Apr 2003

Sorry, I assumed that you had no sign of life and perhaps didn't realise the USB connection produces a new drive (while connected and alive)

scotty's point about the new disk drive...... On mine it pops up as a "removable drive" with the next available letter.

When you have found it, you can either copy all the files from the camera to a folder on your HDD (this is faster for subsequent operations) or you can open from the picture handling software, to see what you have.

  monkeyshine 20:46 14 Apr 2003

Easiest way is to use a USB Card Reader.

  Ben Chuud 08:42 15 Apr 2003


Any idea where I can buy one and how does it work

  scotty 09:08 15 Apr 2003

Just had a thought - the memory card has to be formatted before you can use it. Have you done this?

Card readers are available from most computer hardware outlets. Readers capable of reading 4-6 kinds of card are available for around £20 (or less if you shop around). For on-line shopping try Maplins or Scan. Your friendly PC World will also sell them.

  Diemmess 16:02 15 Apr 2003

Wait a moment!
You have a camera with a memory card and most important you have a USB lead which came with the camera and I hope a CD which provides the driver for your computer to relate to the camera via USB

So connect the lead, switch the camera on to the correct setting and find the "removable disk" in My Computer or Windows Explorer.

You can use a card reader of course, but you have the extra expense and much slower file transfer through Drive A: and you have to remove the card from the camera first and then replace it when youv'e done

  Ben Chuud 10:07 19 Apr 2003

Hi All,

Thank you all for your comments and help. I spent quite a long time talking to Nikon Technical support and did everthing asked of me but to no avail. Nikon UK has agreed to send me some more software and a USB card reader to help resolve the problem. I have yet to receive the items which I guess will arrive after this bank holiday period. Once again Thanks and Happy Easter ALL

  Ben Chuud 16:19 01 May 2003

Update - Courtesy of Nikon UK, I received as promised USB Card reader and software. Stuck in the memory card, loaded the software, connected the USB card reader to the PC and phew, my photos are transferred to my PC.. I am one happy bunny and cannot thank that nice man (Peter I think) at Nikon . Well done Nikon.

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