NIKON COOLPIX 4100 - Won't turn on?

  Rabi 00:35 05 Apr 2005

I purchased a Nikon Coolpix 4100 digital camera on my last visit out of Africa, in the 3rd quarter of last year. The camera is out of (standard) warranty, which I think was 60 days or so.

I can't have taken more than a handful of images, certainly never using more than a quarter of the 250mb SD card I purchased with it.

Last time I used the camera, batteries died on me in the filed. I changed the batteries the next day, and the camera will not power up any longer ...

I have tried brand new alkalines, I have tried re-chargeables, nothing. The power button is dead as a door-knob. I have cleaned the battery contacts in the battery compartment-lid, still nothing. Camera was working perfectly fine till this happened.

Let me ask the following, please:

1) Can anyone think of what may have caused this?

2) Has anyone read of a similar experience, with a posted solution, on another forum?

3) Assuming, and I am hoping that this is not the case, that I cannot solve this from the suggestions I am hoping to receive from this excellent forum, then I will have to wait till my next visit to the States or England to have this fixed; anyone know a good digital camera repairer that could fix this???

Much obliged with any help,


  SANTOS7 00:42 05 Apr 2005

Had a similar prob with my camera (not same as yours)turned out to be the battery contacts in the battery compartment-lid were not quite touching the end of the battery, managed to bend it down a bit so a good contact was made, no probs since......

  Rabi 00:50 05 Apr 2005

Thanks, I thought that might be the problem, but the Nikon Coolpix 4100 has a strong set of springs at the bottom of the battery compartment pushing the 2 batteries up towards the lid, which contains the contacts, and it seems to me thay have pretty good contact.
I am really at a loss, especially with the suddenness of the problem

  Starfox 01:09 05 Apr 2005

Probably not the cause of your problem but I had an Eye-Q camera and the first time I changed the batteries I just could not get the thing to power up.Tried new batteries,cleaned the contacts,made sure batteries were inserted as shown and still no joy.

Was about to give it up as a bad job and return it to the supplier but I thought *just one more try* and it started working.Turned out the the diagram showing the + and - battery connections had been printed wrong,been fine ever since.

Is it worth a try,don't think it would do damage would it?

  joesoaps 01:14 05 Apr 2005

I had a Pentax camera which was very fussy about the battery type it would work with,apparantly not all alkaline batteries are suitable for power cameras,mine would only work with the expensive ones.:0(

  Rabi 01:19 05 Apr 2005

Already tried that ... No joy.
Camera dead, and I have images in the camera itself (not the SD card) that I can't transfer.

Have tried turning on the pwer while holding down the menu button (works on some other makes to reset the camera), have tried turning on the power button while pressing down the shutter button, all no joy.

Pity, love the camera (when it's on ...!)

Still hopeful someone will provide me with a solution

  961 09:22 05 Apr 2005

2 suggestions

Have you tried an e-mail to the manufacturers web site describing the problem and asking if they know of a fix?

If that is not successful then could the problem be damp? Try two or three days in a warm dry spot like next to the hot tank in the airing cupboard with the battery and memory doors open

  Fellsider 12:43 05 Apr 2005

Where are you? The first posting mentions Africa and "I will have to wait till my next visit to the States or England"

Is there any chance that the climate is outside the operating range of the camera? (Too hot is what I'm thinking).

  Rabi 12:59 05 Apr 2005

Well, I am in Africa, but though I spend a lot of time outdoors, I also am in a fully air-conditioned home, and everyone here uses airconditioned vehicles, and when I am in the office it is air-conditioned. The ambient temperature outside is only 26 deg Celsius, well withing the operating temperature of the camera, and inside the car and rooms with air-conditioning it is a regulated 18 to 20 deg celsius. We perspire a lot when outside, but nothing like desert conditions, which by the way my colleagues digital cameras have experience many a time with no problem. And, no airing cupboards ... no need for them.

As I write, I just took some pictures with a colleagues FUJI camera, no problem, ad another colleagues SONY digital camera also.

No, much as it would have given me a solution, the problem is not weather or dampness, I have checked.

  961 16:19 05 Apr 2005

Many of these digital devices, like humans, do not travel well between air-con and the ambient humidity. However, leaving that aside, have you tried Nikon web site tech help?

  anchor 16:34 05 Apr 2005

Try contacting Nikon support, (based in USA), via this link

click here

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